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Review Your Website Part 1

Posted by On June - 30 - 2009

The Internet is a fast moving, ever changing place so it?s important for small business owners to review the performance of their website on a regular basis!

Here?s a list of review items:

Search Engine Performance

For most people this means Google so go the www.google.ie and check the following:

– Are my webpages listed in Google?s index? ? enter site:www.yourwebsiteurl i.e. site:www.istech.ie and check that this lists at least some of your web-pages. If it doesn?t then you need to take action so contact your web design company or ask one for advice.

– Is your website shown in Google search results for your business areas? If you are a paving company in Portlaoise then you expect your website to be displayed when searching for paving+company+portloaise. Try some searches and establish if your website is showing on the Google results pages ? if it?s not on the first 2-3 pages then you should consider taking action as outlined in the previous point.

Website Traffic Analysis

Do you review the number of visitors etc. to your website on a regular basis? This should probably be done a monthly basis as it will help you understand the current relevance of your website to its intended audience i.e. which are the most popular pages on your website and why?

There are a couple of good free traffic analysis packages available such as Google Analytics and Statcounter and your web design company will usually be to install one of them for a relatively modest fee.

Is Your Website Up To Date?

Does your website reflect your current product and service offerings? Photo Galleries and Testimonial webpages are popular with visitors looking for a service provider so make sure you keep them updated.

Does your website have a sitemap?

A sitemap is one page or sometimes a set of pages, which lists all, or most of the pages on a web site.
There are two types of sitemaps. One is used by visitors to a website to view a list of available webpages. The second is used by search engines, such as google, to compile information about a website such as number of webpages, frequency of change, priority etc.
It is important for websites to have a sitemap so if your website doesn?t have one then you should create one

Email Response

Do you review and respond to emails in a timely manner ? this is a real bugbear with visitors so respond quickly to incoming emails. Potential customers won?t wait for a couple of days for you to respond ? they?ll go somewhere else!

More to follow soon?.


Eoin Redmond
Web Design Kilkenny by Istech, Leading Website Developer and SEO Specialists
Tel: 00 353 86 154 1049
Web Design Kilkenny

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Top 5 Tips For The Business Company User

Posted by On June - 29 - 2009

As a developing business in the 21st century, it is vital to have a fantastic website design. An online presence will help you to maximise your potential customer base, and an agreeable and accessible website will single you out from your competition. However, there are some easy rules that you should adopt when developing a website.

1. Make sure everything on your site has a purpose. Every page that you include should show information that your client needs, and keep it short and sweet. The average visitor to your site will not want to read a large volume of text, so only use what you have to. You should also be sure to only use graphics and multimedia that are effective for getting your message across, because they can clutter your pages and make it harder to use.

2. Focus on accessibility and useability. Your site needs to be easy for everyone to read so your text should be quite big, and ideally it should also be resizable so that visitors can scale the text to their liking part of web development,: make sure you use contrasting colours for your background and text so it’s as readable as possible. Keep your navigation easy to use by including menus and a link to the homepage from each page.

3. Have compatibility in mind. Most users have a 1024 x 768 resolution, but many people will not. Try to make your site so that it looks optimal no matter who is visiting it. Many people will also have other browsers and internet connections, so you should assess your site for compatibility and download speed. Keep image sizes to a minimum.

4. Avoid incompetent features. Flashing .gif files, scrolling marquees and automatically loading sound files may seem like fun, but they will make your site look very unprofessional. You should avoid such embellishments wherever you can and keep it simple, so try not to clutter your site with unnecessary multimedia. If you include audio or movie files, make sure you let users choose whether to view them or not.

5. Include contact information. You should include contact details for your business, and put it in a prominent position on every page. That way potential customers can easily reach you. Include a link to the webmaster’s email so users can report broken links and faults with the site. Potential customers will be put off by broken links.

Keep these top tips in mind and you should be on your way to a better web design,, a broader customer base, and happy clients!

This article was written by Helen at DeepSpace Design.

web design,

DeepSpace Design offer complete marketing packages to help put your business on the map. Times are hard in 2009 and competition is fierce, and it is more important than ever that you present the right image for your company.

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Freelance Illustrator For Print And Web Design

Posted by On June - 28 - 2009

Freelance illustrator for Print and Web Design

If you want to be taken with the serious one, you will have to call your businesses freelance. You ensure that your trade name reinforces the image that you want to project for your company. For example, one of my names of Web sites is AllFreelance.com. You automatically know name of this site which it must make with working of independent. Try to make the same thing with your trade name. Gift ‘t choose a trade name which you will have to spend much hour on supporting or explaining what it means. If you are an originator, to employ test for creative studio or or other buzzwords in the name unless you put to ‘the customers of spirit of T looking after your company because they aren ‘t completely sour which you are an originator.

My company ‘name of S is studios of Deezin. At the origin I thought that each one would understand that Deezin was right of intentional of spelling error design but it didn ‘t establish this way completely. I always unload to the top having five minutes a conversation with customers about my company of ‘name of S. Comment you pronounce Deezin? Me let us put really the ‘spirit of T; it is a large ice-breaker. But, the point is that since studio is one of the buzzwords in my trade name, customers always know that my company is a company of design.

Another thing that you want to remember is that the world is classified by category for the majority alphabetically. Try to choose a name which starts with a number or a letter of alphabet of beginning. Observe outside with numbers however because some directories, including dmoz.org, will classify by category by the first letter with the title. In other words, if you call your businesses 1Design, dmoz.org would classify by category under D . Since the majority of the Web surfers put ‘t disappear the past where the first Search Engine results page, it is important to begin your name with has, a B, C, or a D.

You probably think, large, I am made! Nope! You should register your trade name with your county. They will have to check your name against names previously classified to secure the trade name which you chose the isn ‘t already taken by other businesses.

Just imagine to work during months or years with a trade name not registered and then to obtain a notification in the mail to cease employing someone else ‘the trade name of S. should still start to You everywhere starting from the scratch. You should throw your professional calling cards of visit, heading of letter, envelopes, invoices, and differently than you printed for your company in the refuse. And which disaster you would have created on the Web. You should find everywhere who binds to your page and ask them to change your trade name. What a disorder! Thus, record your business – they are worth them!

Before you supplemented the writings to register your trade name, 3 names, thus you select put ‘t must reclassify if they reject your trade name. Moreover, sweep your phone book and made the searchs for Web to make sure that you cannot find the name which you chose. I recommend using mamma.com or google.com for your search.these are the 2 most complete search engines on the net.

Now that you registered your trade name, continue ahead and print the professional calling cards of visit, the heading of letter, and the invoices. Trade name that you chose belongs to you!

Freelance illustrator for Print and Web Design

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Time and time again you see Affiliate Marketers posting of forums and messages boards that they have spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on Google Adwords or Yahoo Search without making a single sale. Unfortunately the number of marketers experiencing this devastating effect is growing daily as more people enter the wonderful realm of Internet Marketers.

One of the culprits is the lure of instant riches with paid advertising such as Google Adwords providing the opportunity to start making money overnight. While there are thousands of Affiliate Marketers making a nice passive income from Adwords their success and understanding of paid advertising did not happen overnight. Start making money online using free methods one week marketing review

Google Adwords can be a wild beast at the beast of times, throw into the mix the inexperience, impatience and desire to create instant wealth, Affiliate Marketers tend to jump in head first and see themselves burn a hole right through their pocket and in most cases, never making a sale, let alone a profit! While you would think this would people to reexamine their approach, like a gambling addict they continue to throw money around in the hopes to strike gold.

If you are contemplating starting a PPC campaign or are struggling to keep costs down and return a profit then it is time to go back to the drawing board. In many cases, marketers will approach the PPC game from that stand point that more traffic equals higher profit, this is where they slip up. If you are guilty of this approach then you must spot immediately and pause your campaigns. The purpose of paying for advertising and paying for every single click is to make sure you are getting highly targeted, razor open sharp traffic. How to create profitable clickbank campaigns making money with clickbank

How do you go about making sure every single click counts? An easy approach is to get into the mindset of a potential customer, walk in their shoes and understand exactly why they would consider pulling out their credit card and purchases the promote or service you are promoting. Research phase is where this occurs and the most important phase of a campaign that marketers neglect. If you can not align yourself and understand your market you will struggle greatly to make money online.

When it comes to keyword research, start with a broad keyword that is receiving traffic and then dive further into these words by using long tail keywords within your campaigns, not only will you see that these keywords are generally cheaper, they will have less competition and allow you to have a conversation with your visitor.

PPC campaigns can be called a “conversation with your visitor”, if you are speaking to them directly through your keywords, adcopy and landing page you will be closer to achieving highly successful and highly profitable PPC campaigns. There are plenty of resources you can find online that will teach you the step by step guides to performing through keyword research, effective adcopy and captivating sales copy. A fantastic resource can be found at learn affiliate marketing


Read on to find out 10 most effective yet frequently overlooked marketing techniques which are guaranteed to boost your online sales for your Home Business. Find out how many of these e-Marketing Tips you are using and how many of them you have knowingly or unknowingly overlooked.

Tip 1:
Do not market just one product or two. Shield yourself from the market fluctuations and changing customer preferences by marketing a wide variety of products. In that case, only a small portion of your Home Based Business sales will be affected even if the market for one product goes down and vice versa.

Tip 2:
Always remember that it is easier to make a sale to an existing customer than to a new one. So keep in touch with your clients. Try to customize your products so as to provide them a special treatment. Make him/ her feel special.

Tip 3:
Even if it is true, kindly refrain from making exaggerated claims. A bold claim will create suspicion in your client?s mind and that will adversely affect the sales.

Tip 4:
For numerical claims, it will sound more credible if you express numbers as fractions or decimals. For example: “Our clients save 17.9 percent” sounds more believable than “Our clients save 20 percent”.

Tip 5:
Create an offer which your client can?t resist. You can use a combination of special discount price and valuable bonuses.

Tip 6:
Offer time bound special offers to your clients. Use them not all at once but one at a time. When an offer expires, it can be replaced by the next offer. A series of special offers will attract the attention of your clients.

Tip 7:
When you target a market, always make sure that your prospective clients have genuine desire and money in their hands to buy your products. It will be useless to waste all your promotional strategies in a market which do not have the adequate revenue to buy your products.

Tip 8:
Make your mark in the industry through exclusive offers and discount prices which your competitors can?t copy. For example, there was one clever marketer who included his home number in every purchase that a customer made, so as to maintain a personal relationship with the clients.

Tip 9:
When you write a sales or an advertising message, try to make it as personal as possible. Make your readers feel that you are addressing him / her directly and not a large group of people. It is also useful to adopt a more informal style of writing so as to directly appeal to the masses.

Tip 10:
Follow up on your clients regularly, even those who haven?t made any purchase from you yet. Your persuasive approaches will sooner or later tip the balances in your favor.

Each of the above mentioned Online Marketing tactics are simple yet effective. It can be easily over looked too. So take time to read and imbibe the preceding tips before you venture into marketing. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how much business your revised marketing plans will bring you.


Many people fail to realize that you have to spend money in order to earn money. The only exception to this rule are Online Home Based Businesses which you can start with minimum investment. Here, any one who has a computer and access to Internet connection can earn money easily by starting his own Online Home Business. However, generally speaking it remains true you have to invest money if you earn more money.

For those who are looking for starting an Online Home Based Business, the best bet is affiliate marketing. The only investment you need from your end is to register for a website domain name and to give rental for web hosting account. Then you have to find an affiliate program with products you are interested in promoting. Now, you are ready to start your Online Home Based Business and make money with Online Marketing!

But making money is not all about it. In order to ensure a steady and continuous source of cash flow in to your business you have to market your products shrewdly. An effective way to go about it is to build up a mailing list of your potential clients you may be interested in and a list of what you have to offer them in terms of products or services.

One of the most effective ways to make your own mailing list is when you have to pay a dedicated company in order to bring in clients. This company will run an advertising campaign and will bring to you subscribers. There is no fixed fee. The cost will highly vary depending on the type of information you want. Traffic Oasis offer excellent pay-per-lead service. It is guaranteed to bring you fresh, affordable leads which will boost your Internet Earnings.

You are guaranteed to get triple your investment, if you spend money judiciously in logo design, web design, web promotion etc. The initial invest you require in these sectors are low when compared to advertisement. But if carefully marketed, each of these areas will bring back more than double your initial investment. Logo design will bring in long term benefits to your Online Home Based Business. Not only will it make your brand popular among your audience, a consistent logo will provide a uniformity and exclusivity to your enterprise. A dynamic web design will go a long way in making your company or brand gain popularity in the global market. Web promotion techniques including search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), reciprocal link building, online article publication, newsletters etc will go a long way in boosting the page ranking of your website. The higher the ranking, more popular your website will become in the World Wide Web.

From the above analysis it becomes clear that the maxim “You have to spend money to earn money? holds true for any business even for an Online Home Based Business which traditionally requires little upfront investment. Make sure that you expand your business periodically by reinvesting a portion of your profits. Once your Online Home Based Business starts growing more rapidly, the profit margin will also increase. The more profits you get, the more you can invest in your business. Believe in your business, success will be at your doorstep!


It is interesting to notice how simply impressions are shaped, equally good reputation and unpleasant intuition. Once an inkling is formed, it is actually difficult to have that altered and it is all the more complicated to change pessimistic impressions that are formed. Whereas, it is quite simple to have your good name, image and impression ruined. Big companies conscious of the significance of building the proper class of reflection, in no way hesitate to go throughout a extensive process to select the suitable web design proffesional. It is not only big corporations that undertake this, it is in addition those new businessmen who are concerned in relation to reaching out to their clientele and aiming to make a positive impression and fritter both a lot of time and wealth in locating and employing the
appropriate web design company. web design west yorkshire Why do firms put them selfs throughout all those troubles? Why are they so testing about who creates their websites? The answer is straightforward and the retort to those questions is ?Clients?. Yes, clients will be tempted to utilise your
produce or your service whilst they feel easy in
your website. in todays age patrons are no more na


Information About Wholesale Lists Of Suppliers

Posted by On June - 26 - 2009

What’s a wholesale list? Do they actually serve the wholesalers or distributors who use them in their marketing plans? Let us see what these wholesale lists are for.

The wholesale list is a list which regularly contains hard-to-find info of wholesalers and liquidators. Included in the wholesale list are names of corporations from different countries, their contact info,eg a domain, office address, or telephone number.

The wholesale list gives you access to thousands of wholesalers around the globe.

For example, one such listing provides 94,465 products in 5239 classes of wholesale products. That would force rather a lot of time to analyze if you’ve got to personally search them online, would not it? But as there are lists of attire, fashion accessories, fitness exercise treadmills, LCDs, E-books, toys, web templates, and many others, you don’t have to test out every company’s site to find what you wanted.

The wholesale lists include corporations where you should buy what you’re looking for. Most firms listed are at least a few years in business, so you needn’t fear a company disappearing after giving your bulk order. The lists also include the sorts of stocks and the brands they, as well as recommendations on how to work with these corporations.

They give helpful info about what other items you’ll be able to find, and where these are less expensive.

Distributors of wholesale lists can send regular updates on fresh products and closeout dealers or wholesale dealers who sell current season products at lower costs. They can accept pre-orders for next season too. So do you actually benefit by employing the wholesale lists? For one, you obtain access to inexpensive goods, which don’t definitely mean low quality. If it is accessible, you may visit their warehouse personally and select the merchandise you need. The majority of the listed wholesalers get their items without delay from the makers. The lists help even eBay Powersellers find their products, which they may be able to sell with such great profit. You will find product from the wholesale lists whether for reselling or for your private use. From attire to home and garden supplies, to furniture and watches, search the lists.

Here you can infrequently buy as much as 20-90% off the retail cost.

You can even buy one product at a time, or retail items at wholesale costs. When you can access to wholesale lists, it will simplify matters a lot. You can start purchasing at low, low costs and sell them straight away. Wholesale electrical items can even be drop sent to your customers. This way you don’t have to handle your inventory. If you have started an internet wholesale electronics business, for instance, you can simply contact the firms you need to deal with, and get really inexpensive, if not free access to info on their products and services fast.

Here you can find wholesalers lists and wholesale contact list


Appling DIY Tools To Make Your Own Website

Posted by On June - 25 - 2009

If you have been going through your home working ideas and have arranged a domain name and hosting and are standing by to build a website, how can you do this quickly and straightforwardly and with no previous experience? It is quite straightforward using the tools that are currently on hand on the market.

Visibly the simplest way is to pay a designer, but that outlay money so you should want to leave that until your business is off the ground. So the initially step is to think by means of the layout of the site. Will it be a diminutive site, with simply a few pages? If so, then you may possibly probably have all of the navigation links in a menu bar somewhere. If it is going to be larger, then allow for the key links to go into a navigation bar and the remnants of the links to be built-in in the content, or additional navigation bars.

This immediately gives you a taste of what the site will entail. Then choose how you are going to be updating the site. You should want to use your host?s website builder, or you should use a package such as Dreamweaver, or an off the shelf website builder. If you are feeling more adventurous, and want to add a bit more to the site, take a glance at WordPress and see what is on offer there. You will need database hosting, but the setup is quite friendly and simple to use.

There are also a number of DIY website packages on the market, which will include hosting and registration of the domain name. These might be a excellent way to begin since a beginner, but make sure primarily with any DIY website package that it allows for enough pages, may perhaps incorporate the affiliate products and Adsense adverts and all other features that you want to include. Such as, you might want to include your preferred newsletter package or be desperate to incorporate a blog or reciprocal links tool, so check that these features are supported by the tool you want to use.

Have a look around for templates that you like the looks of that will fulfil this format that you need. There?s no point in picking a template that could carry only links to 4 pages if you need 10 in your navigation bar. Tools will supply such templates and there are enough of off the shelf website templates if you search around on your favourite search engine.

Then it is purely a matter of making the website in whatever way you prefer. Once this is ready you upload it to your hosting and then set up constructing a few incoming links. Then it should be a matter of sit back and watch the traffic build up, whilst you continue to link build.

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Ecommerce: How Payment Gets From Here To There

Posted by On June - 25 - 2009

We?ve all heard the children?s song, ?Dem Bones?.

The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone,
The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone,
The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone,
The thigh bone’s connected to the back bone,
The back bone’s connected to the neck bone,
The neck bone’s connected to the head bone,

This same concept can be applied to ecommerce. For those who may not fully understand how ecommerce works let?s try this:

The Consumer?s connected to the Internet
The Internet?s connected to the Transaction Server
The Transaction Server?s connected to the Processing Network
The Processing Network?s connected to the Customer?s Bank

Now, let?s look the other side of the equation.

The Merchant?s Website?s connected to the Internet
The Internet?s connected to the Transaction Server
The Transaction Server?s connected to the Processing Network
The Processing Network?s connected to the Merchant?s Bank

Both the consumer and the merchant are connected to the ecommerce shopping cart through similar channels, but like blood pumping through a body the consumer follows the links from checkout to confirmation and the information flows through the Transaction Server, Processing Network and customer bank before it flows back through to the seller through the Transaction Server, Processing Network where the money is deposited in the merchant?s bank. This entire process only takes a few seconds.

The good news is all reputable shopping cart systems rely on encrypted technology to preserve the integrity of the online purchase. This means that a customer?s credit card information is not in danger of being confiscated and used by a third party.

This is important because the success of ecommerce relies heavily on privacy and security. A reputable shopping cart system is a must for any serious web store.

The truth is, all your client really wants to be sure of is the safety of their information, the reputation of your business and if the transaction was complete. They may never know or even care how exactly it is accomplished, but the use of a secure shopping cart, the attention to the reputation of your firm and the use of autoresponders to alert the customer to the completion of the sale will be necessary for positive ongoing client relations.

You?ve worked hard to provide a quality product at a competitive price. You?ve worked to optimize your site for search engine success and you?ve added knowledge-based articles to your site ? so to use a football clich

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