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Art Appraiser Websites

Posted by mark On September - 27 - 2016

artappraiserYou’ll find art appraisers in many cities but finding one that is really worth their salt can be challenging. Why? It’s because there are very few who have the depth of experience it takes to understand the intricacies of an art appraisal. With that being the case, it is best to go to the cities that have large art collections and find one of the appraisers there.  Two cities come to mind immediately if you’re in the U.S.  They are New York and San Francisco.  Out of the two, San Francisco definitely houses a more diverse and eclectic population which results in more art being collected and appraised there.

One of the art appraisers San Francisco has grown to trust is Jeanie Craig.  Jeanie has been highly involved in art appraisal since before the turn of the last century.  Her skills are widely acclaimed by collectors and other appraisers throughout the region and her attention to detail and art management makes her sought by many collectors and even curators.  One of the items you need to look at when considering an appraiser is the fact of whether or not they are a member of the American Society of Appraisers.  Another qualification which might surprise you to note is whether they are qualified by the IRS.  Indeed the IRS has appraisers be qualified so that tax claims can be valued.

Jeanie Craig stands out amid the array of San Francisco art appraisers.  If you’re looking for someone to manage or appraise your collection you would be well advised to seek out her services.


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