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Top 10 backlink strategies

Posted by admin On March - 2 - 2009 5,923 views

slider-backlinksOne of the most important aspects of increasing your Google Page Rank
The search engines still believe that back-links are an important factor in assessing your site, so until that changes, we still have to work at generating valuable back-links.Fortunately we are no longer stuck with boring directory submissions as the only alternative.

The methods shown underneath are becoming popular as alternatives to plain directory submissions.
Allow the steps below to inspire you to think of other ways to generate back-links.

URL directories
As old as the stars (almost) but still definitely important in any back-linking strategy.As there are thousands of these directories on the internet, you really need to use directory submission software to save yourself some time.
Natural back-links
As your site’s stature grows, you will automatically receive organic back-links from other web masters.
This will take time as your site grows and the content becomes more valuable.
Forums, guest books and comment boxes
By leaving comments in forums, guest books or blog comment fields, you can generate back-links in an instant.
Remember to put your URL in your signature.
Article Marketing
These have become intensely popular recently and are widely touted as the most efficient way to build back-links to your site.
* Blogging
By creating a free account with one of the blog hosting providers, you can set up your own blog in 5 minutes.
By creating related content in your blog, you can sprinkle in links back to your main site as often as you wish.

Creating free software
This is an exciting idea: you can create free software yourself.
You do not even need to be a programmer, you can achieve this using software tools available on the internet.Once you have made the software available for download on your site, you can submit to hundreds of software directories who will then link back to your download page.Any niche can make use of a good little piece of software !
Social bookmarks
Shared bookmarks allow other users to see which links are valuable. Create accounts on the most popular Bookmarking sites and share your site’s URL together with other bookmarks.
Google knol
You own the knol and no-one else can edit your entry, so this is a great opportunity for creating your own back-links legitimately.
RSS marketing
Create an RSS feed for your site or blog and use Feedburner to publish it to hundreds of RSS aggregators.
Video marketing back-links
By creating a video, you have opened up another method of generating back-links: submit to YouTube and post your hot URL in the description box.
These strategies make up a killer back-link arsenal, now you need to spend some time investigating each topic.

Implement your back-link marketing strategy, and follow your own guidelines religiously to avoid becoming distracted by the Internet’s overload of SEO information.
Make sure your back-links are relevant to your site and you will succeed.

The search engines will show your more love and you will watch your traffic grow.

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