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Find The Greatest Budget Web Hosting

Posted by On April - 26 - 2009 1,317 views

Almost every business these days needs a good website. Some can be just informational websites about your brick and mortar business, or they can be sales sites that represent the whole business.

Web design is costly, and most small businesses or internet businesses just starting out are hard pressed to put out that much cash. The other drawback is that too often your web page is so complicated that you can’t update your own information, and the technical support is too slow to help in a timely manner. There is nothing more aggravating than not being able to be in control of your own web page!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own website and have the best economical web hosting? Think of the money you could save, and then the money you can earn from your website. Read below to find out about the top site builder and best economical web hosting.

Bravenet offers free web hosting, and for a small fee offers pro web hosting. The free web tools are amazing, and include message forums, blogs, mailing lists and so much more. Two fantastic features are the speaking characters and the hit counters. You can make your own avatar to guide people through your website, or tell them about your products. This personalized feature will make the difference in distinguishing your website from others. The hit counters come in several different formats and are super easy to put on your site.

Other tools that come with Bravenet are web polls and vote casters, as well as tons of web templates to choose from. It is made in a simple, easy to use format ? there is really no need to pay big bucks to web design companies when you can easily make your own.

The web builder templates allow you to create your own personalized website. It is a step by step guide, no need to have a degree in computer science. This gives you the advantage of having a great looking site that will attract customers.

These tools are going to give you the marketing edge you need to be successful on the internet.

Also offered by Bravenet are webmaster tools, everything you need from midi tools to design tutorials. There are free font archives and audio files. The HTML quick reference guides are also available.

Low cost domains are another great feature. If you choose the pro hosting, you get a free domain! They have a reputation for providing top notch friendly support.

Hosting Features
? Host 10 Domains
? 600 GB of Bandwidth
? 30 GB of Disk Space
? Unlimited Email
? Unlimited FTP Accounts
? Free Templates
? Advertising Credits
? Hosting Affiliate Program
? and Much More…

Take the initiative to build your own site. Your business will thank you!

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