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How Affiliate Marketers Burn Through Money With PPC Marketing

Posted by On June - 28 - 2009 1,014 views

Time and time again you see Affiliate Marketers posting of forums and messages boards that they have spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on Google Adwords or Yahoo Search without making a single sale. Unfortunately the number of marketers experiencing this devastating effect is growing daily as more people enter the wonderful realm of Internet Marketers.

One of the culprits is the lure of instant riches with paid advertising such as Google Adwords providing the opportunity to start making money overnight. While there are thousands of Affiliate Marketers making a nice passive income from Adwords their success and understanding of paid advertising did not happen overnight. Start making money online using free methods one week marketing review

Google Adwords can be a wild beast at the beast of times, throw into the mix the inexperience, impatience and desire to create instant wealth, Affiliate Marketers tend to jump in head first and see themselves burn a hole right through their pocket and in most cases, never making a sale, let alone a profit! While you would think this would people to reexamine their approach, like a gambling addict they continue to throw money around in the hopes to strike gold.

If you are contemplating starting a PPC campaign or are struggling to keep costs down and return a profit then it is time to go back to the drawing board. In many cases, marketers will approach the PPC game from that stand point that more traffic equals higher profit, this is where they slip up. If you are guilty of this approach then you must spot immediately and pause your campaigns. The purpose of paying for advertising and paying for every single click is to make sure you are getting highly targeted, razor open sharp traffic. How to create profitable clickbank campaigns making money with clickbank

How do you go about making sure every single click counts? An easy approach is to get into the mindset of a potential customer, walk in their shoes and understand exactly why they would consider pulling out their credit card and purchases the promote or service you are promoting. Research phase is where this occurs and the most important phase of a campaign that marketers neglect. If you can not align yourself and understand your market you will struggle greatly to make money online.

When it comes to keyword research, start with a broad keyword that is receiving traffic and then dive further into these words by using long tail keywords within your campaigns, not only will you see that these keywords are generally cheaper, they will have less competition and allow you to have a conversation with your visitor.

PPC campaigns can be called a “conversation with your visitor”, if you are speaking to them directly through your keywords, adcopy and landing page you will be closer to achieving highly successful and highly profitable PPC campaigns. There are plenty of resources you can find online that will teach you the step by step guides to performing through keyword research, effective adcopy and captivating sales copy. A fantastic resource can be found at learn affiliate marketing

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