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Review Your Website Part 1

Posted by On June - 30 - 2009 880 views

The Internet is a fast moving, ever changing place so it?s important for small business owners to review the performance of their website on a regular basis!

Here?s a list of review items:

Search Engine Performance

For most people this means Google so go the and check the following:

– Are my webpages listed in Google?s index? ? enter site:www.yourwebsiteurl i.e. and check that this lists at least some of your web-pages. If it doesn?t then you need to take action so contact your web design company or ask one for advice.

– Is your website shown in Google search results for your business areas? If you are a paving company in Portlaoise then you expect your website to be displayed when searching for paving+company+portloaise. Try some searches and establish if your website is showing on the Google results pages ? if it?s not on the first 2-3 pages then you should consider taking action as outlined in the previous point.

Website Traffic Analysis

Do you review the number of visitors etc. to your website on a regular basis? This should probably be done a monthly basis as it will help you understand the current relevance of your website to its intended audience i.e. which are the most popular pages on your website and why?

There are a couple of good free traffic analysis packages available such as Google Analytics and Statcounter and your web design company will usually be to install one of them for a relatively modest fee.

Is Your Website Up To Date?

Does your website reflect your current product and service offerings? Photo Galleries and Testimonial webpages are popular with visitors looking for a service provider so make sure you keep them updated.

Does your website have a sitemap?

A sitemap is one page or sometimes a set of pages, which lists all, or most of the pages on a web site.
There are two types of sitemaps. One is used by visitors to a website to view a list of available webpages. The second is used by search engines, such as google, to compile information about a website such as number of webpages, frequency of change, priority etc.
It is important for websites to have a sitemap so if your website doesn?t have one then you should create one

Email Response

Do you review and respond to emails in a timely manner ? this is a real bugbear with visitors so respond quickly to incoming emails. Potential customers won?t wait for a couple of days for you to respond ? they?ll go somewhere else!

More to follow soon?.


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