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If You Are A Designer You Will Need This!

Posted by On July - 24 - 2009 1,031 views

When you think of designing stuff on your computer you normally think of Photoshop. When you think about publishing a document you think of Microsoft word. Professional designers and desktop publishers rely on Adobe?s tools to make their industry fundamentally work, the Adobe software is the life line of putting together a piece of work and there is really nothing else that rivals it on the market at the moment. Recently, Adobe have just released the upgrade to Creative Suite 4 and it is worth every penny for the design professional.Whether you are a graphic design or a logo design company you can make this program work for you!

Normally, you can only buy these program?s in a bulk package which obviously makes it rather expensive, however Adobe have now made each individual program available so anyone can buy it at a bit more of an affordable price. It is available for both Mac and PC and consists of several programs including, Photoshop CS4, In Design CS4, Illustrator CS4, Flash CS4, Dreamweaver CS4, Fireworks CS4 and Acrobat CS4. I have used the much better, Mac version of this suite and it is incredible. The flow and easy use is astounding. The full design package will cost you about $2,200 or up to $1,800 for the upgrade from CS3. That is a pretty scary amount for a part time designer at home but for a design business it is not that bad at all if you consider the return on investment.

So, what is new about this design suite? Well, compared to previous versions of the suite it offers far more fluidity between projects. For example, if you had flash and Dreamweaver open at the same time you can easily swap between projects with no hassle which is a big advantage in the design world. The workflow is far more simple and allows designers to apply themselves to different media interfaces at a touch of a button.For example, if you were a professional working in an advertising agency you could switch between In Design and Flash projects seemlessly which would help cut down wasted time.

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