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What Makes A Message Clear And Compelling?

Posted by On July - 27 - 2009 891 views

Winmax Video Production Company announced their mission on the first page of their video advertising website; to help their clients create videos with a “clear and compelling. I puzzled over what makes a message clear and compelling. I considered the modern adage that “content is king.” And I recalled, in support of the adage, the opinion of one market researcher, that viewers wouldn’t be compelled to remember the details of a presentation through any particular visual or aural effect. He propounded the belief that real learning takes place when there’s a match up between the student and the subject. And content with a high standard, that’s targeted to the audience, is the key to making that learning match up work. But what, I was wondering makes the message clear and compelling. Everyone, has a message to deliver, not only Mohammed the prophet lauded as the messenger of the All Mighty. What makes some messages clear and some not clear.
I began a search on the Internet, to jog my mind, and hopefully come up with some answers. And then I found two unusual websites, which made at least one contribution to resolving the question The KEO website is a project dedicated to preserving the message of our generation for our children in future generations. Each participant will be allowed to write four pages of a message which will be sent into outer space and retrieved generations from now for the people on Earth. What a thought, Those messages will be sent into the quiet vastness of outer space, and then recalled a hundred years or more from now. They will be read and remembered because of the context they’re received in, and the perspective of time. Messages made to last. And then I came upon Gaxed. This free web site allowed me to enter a message in a box, and then click a link, which made my message display in a variety of backgrounds. I could have displayed my message in the pristine wilds of a snow covered mountain scene. Or show it with bright city lights in an evening city scape.. And then I indulged and displayed the message on placards of an angry los Angeles protest. What a treat, in stead of shouting down others while trying to get my point across, I could have a whole army of angry young men shouting for me. Seeing my message, in all these contexts I realized how powerful the visual setting of a message can be. Certainly content is king, and a match up between student and content can best facilitate learning. And when that match up can take place in such a way that the content stands up above the competing voices of modern life, then at least the student has a chance to receive the message, and learn.

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