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Need Of Business Commercializing

Posted by On July - 30 - 2009 960 views

With the advent of web 2.0, business networking has gained prominence. But many of treat the concept of ?business networking? with fear and apprehension. Reasons for their fear are many. If two people network, do they both win? If both of them win, does the customer lose?

Ideally business networking provides a win -win situation for all in the Home Based Business Strategy. It is because when individuals or businesses come together, they will ultimately provide faster and enhanced services to their clients. These clients can be an existing client, or new, or one that both individuals and businesses pitched together to obtain.

For example, suppose if an advertising agency has a client for video promotion. This ad agency can in turn outsource their work to a professional video production unit. On the other hand, the video production unit can drive immense benefits from the print agency to do printing related jobs like DVD covers. Thus video producer can focus on what they do the best and print agency can continue to render professional services in printing related works. Neither of these businesses need to worry about hiring new employees or purchasing new equipments to do the additional work. It is beneficial for both companies to sit together and discuss the finer points of division of labor and monetary matters.

In business networking, it is ultimately the client who emerges as the winner. From the perspective of clients, he needs to keep in touch with one contact person who will act as the representative of both companies. This arrangement is also financially beneficial for the client in e-Marketing. He will receive a far better product from both companies because each one is especially skilled in their respective areas. Ultimately, business networking works in advantage of the clients in more ways than one.

The trick of the trade lies in making these networking partnerships work. It is very important to maintain good communication and rapport between the two companies. Often it has been found that, when it comes to creative services, the ego of employees often clash, resulting in growing animosity between the two companies involved.
Both companies should exhibit the willingness to sit together and talk to resolve the issues. Negotiation and mutual compromise will go a long way in working out effective solutions beneficial for both companies. Your clients on the other hand are not bothered about what goes around before delivering the final product to them. They are only concerned about getting the best quality services from you. Hence always take care to remain customer centric. Provide them a service of value which they will cherish.

So, coming back to the question which was asked in the beginning of this article. If two people (or businesses) network, do they both win? If both of them win, does a customer lose? The answer is both Yes and No. If both business networkers collaborate effectively, then business networking can be conducted properly and effectively. So, the customer will never lose. Otherwise, both will emerge as losers. There won?t be any benefits from business networking in Internet Marketing.

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