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If you are looking to create yourself a small website or one that is geared specifically toward being a Blog, then this blog may not be for you since a pure WordPress installation will be just fine for your affordable website design needs. If you require the full functionality of Joomla! for your website design, but still want to have the power of WordPress Bloggings Solution integrated into your website design? then please read on!

The best part of both Joomla! and WordPress is that they are both free Content Management Systems. Anyone with the skills to master the software can design stunning websites completely free of charge. This is why both of these software are so popular around the world today.

There are plenty of addon’s that will provide blogging features for a Joomla! website, but some people require more!

In order to install WordPress onto a Joomla! installation we recommend installing the software into a sub directory such as This will ensure that none of your Joomla! software will be conflicting with the WordPress files.

Once the WordPress system are completely installed simply continue to setup the WordPress software as you would any normal WordPress system.

Now you will have access to the WordPress blog by visiting your blog URL at You can customize the WordPress template through your admin section of your WordPress installation. Customizing the WordPress installation to match your Joomla! website may be the most challenging part for people that are not well versed in PHP code and website design. You may need the assistance of a professional in order to exactly match the WordPress template to your Joomla! website template. For an experienced website designer ( however, this will only take a short while to complete. If you need assistance with this please contact us. We will write a tutorial on how to completely customize the default WordPress template to match ANY Joomla! template in the near future. In the meantime please contact us directly if you need assistance.

Once the WordPress system has been made to look like the rest of your website (by modifying the header.php,index.php,footer.php,single.php, and comments.php files in the WordPress themes folder) you simply have to link the URL as an external link in your Joomla! menu.

Now you have the best of both cheap seo company worlds. A Joomla! website that is completely integrated with a powerful WordPress blog.

You can customize the WordPress blog with your favorite widgets just as you would any other WordPress system. We highly recommend submitting a second Sitemap to Google Webmaster tools for your Blog since you will already have one for your main Joomla! website content.

Sit back and start reaping the benefits of a well optimized website and powerful Blogging installation which will help you in your efforts of dominating your market! Visit us online at

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