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Unique graphic designs in your brochures are probably one of the most important components that make your brochure distinctive and easy to comprehend by the audience. Unique graphic designs, be it a logo or a part of the corporate communication efforts, are crucial components for the success of your branding campaign.

Some quintessential characteristics of good unique graphic designs are:

?Audience should be able to describe it easily.
?Audience should be able to memorize it easily.
?It should be able to convey it?s essence with or without color.
?The design should be scalable.
?It should re enforce the brand image of the company.

Graphic designs are never a stand alone components, their objectivity has to be drawn in context of whole image of the company. A unique graphic design is good or bad compared to how well it serves the purpose it was used for?

Every graphic design has few definitive components like Lines, shape, size, color, texture but it is the usage of these components that makes every graphic design unique.

A unique graphic design will not only make you stand out from the crowd but will also endow you with several other advantages like:

Professional image: Unique graphic design such as a logo gives your organization a face. Your graphic design will talk about your commitment to customer and will project you as a trustworthy organization. Remember clients only want to do business with an organization that they can trust, if your organization exudes more professionalism over its competitors through its unique graphic designs then your initial hurdles are already lowered.

Enhance effectiveness: Your corporate communication efforts will be more effective and would fetch better returns on investment if your audiences perceive your organization as a professional one. Effective communication is half the battle won over your rivals.

Better recall value: Your organization?s brand will have a better recall value if it is backed up with a unique graphic design. A classic example of such recall value associated with a graphic design is that with a Mercedes Benz automobile and Nike shoes. Better recall value of your product directly implies a greater share of the market as customers do not want to waste time or money over a product which needs introduction.

Makes you look bigger: A unique graphic design makes you look multifold bigger than what you really are. If yours is a startup then getting your clients to have faith in you might take time but a unique graphic design will make your work far simpler as your client will be able to trust you and relate with your professionalism better.

A unique graphic design might not win the race for you but it definitely gives you a head start over your competitors so never undermine the vitality of a good graphic design in your brochure.

Katt DelaCruz is a contributing writer and intern at [MN] [MN] is a web design and creative design studio based out of Miami, Florida USA. If you need assistance with brochure design [MN] will exceed your expectations an assure you results.

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