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Websites with flash animations have completely redefined the traditional model of website designing. Where on one hand usage of flash technology for website development carries a lot of promises for business in today?s economic environment on the other hand being in the nascent stages of development, it also poses lot of limitations. Businesses have to take a call on using this technology to get the best possible competitive advantage while minimizing the limitations.

This article aims to enlist the advantages and disadvantages of flash as a technology for website development, so that business owners can decide about what suits them best,

Advantages of flash website development are:

Cross browser compatibility: Almost 98% of the browsers support flash websites once the flash plug-in is installed. Flash websites are operating system and browser independent. This enhances the accessibility of the flash websites multifold.

Animations and Vector graphics: Flash websites support eye-catching animations. Besides increasing visual attractiveness of the websites, flash websites can be made more informative. Well designed animations can make the visitor stay long enough on the website to go through the details of the company and possibly make them want to do business with the company. Vector graphics can also be made more easily in flash websites.

Video and games: You can plug-in videos in a flash website design. Being browser and OS independent it does not require Quick time or media player. These video?s can help users get more information in less time and as they say time is money. Lesser is the time you can make your sales pitch as a business higher are your chances of winning business from the customer. You can also entertain your visitors through interactive online games on your flash website.

Flash applications can do script actions, collect data, and do most of the similar things that server-side scripts are capable of.

Flash website designs come with several drawbacks as well:

Search engine traceability: Due to complex designs of flash website designs it is difficult for search engine crawlers track and rank there websites in organic key word searches

Bandwidth and Speed limitations: Flash website designs are slow and bulky to download and unless the bandwidth of the internet connection is large, flash websites might fail to work properly.

Plug-in are required: To access flash websites plug-in are required. People might be averse to using plug-in just in order to access flash websites.

One major criticism of flash websites is its decorative nature. Some people may consider videos and games as distraction from the gist of the website. Moreover the usability of Flash websites is marred because of dysfunctional ?back button?. If a user has come on to the flash website then he/she will be directed back to search results instead of immediately preceding page, if they hit the back button.

When a customer hits the back button after delving deeply into a Flash site, s/he is taken back to the website they were on before they visited your site

With these pros and cons, as a business owner you can decide about the usability of flash to your website. Consulting a custom web development studio can give a much more practical perspective for making a flash design website.

Katt DelaCruz is a contributing writer and intern at [MN] [MN] is a web design and creative design studio based out of Miami, Florida USA. If you need assistance with flash website development or need custom web development studio [MN] will exceed your expectations an assure you results.

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