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Design, Brand Identity And How To Keep Your Advertising Strategy

Posted by On August - 24 - 2009 901 views

Brand clarity is often not stressed enough. Does your company successfully? Some businesses are afraid to spend extra money on marketing and advertising and it usually the first department cut when down-sizing. However, these elements are what promote growth. When these companies do seek design help, they often search for large design firms thinking they will get better quality and instead pay larger fees to pay everyone’s salaries. It should also be considered that you can get the same quality with smaller firms and freelance designers. There are ways to improve to marketing and reduce expenses if you do your research. Consider hiring a freelance designer before completely cutting or reducing your marketing and advertising campaigns.

There are ways to increase website traffic, improve the quality of brand clarity, and increase clients and not have to increase your budget. You can, in fact, cut costs and get better results. A company brand needs to be cohesive and of high quality to gain trust in customers. A business must show that they have a solid structure in place. This day and age the first place people go is to the internet to find a product or service. This is where the first impression can be made or broke. Putting the extra effort in a strong brand representation can go a long way. It can be pricey, but if you make the right choices you can achieve much more for less. Having a relevant identity that makes a high impact on your target audience will take a company above and beyond competition. As business owners and decision makers we know that making the right decisions can make or break us.

Finding a website designer who offers professional quality website design, print design, and brand identity without the costs of an expensive design firm or an entire design team can be hard. You must also find one who specializes in web design including valid Search Engine Optimization (SEO 1.1) and verified HTML, XHTML markup, and CSS. Images must be optimized for quicker downloading without taking away from their original quality. Print designs are should be completed in hi-res files for best results and high quality finishes. Website designs must be verified or validated for quality and print design must meet print house specifications for crisp results.

Whether you are developing a new brand identity or refining an existing one to create a better brand clarity, finding a freelance designer is the way to go. Choose a designer who has a hybrid skill-set. There is no need to outsource projects to different designers because these designers can bring everything to you. It is their goal to assist businesses, or individuals, in expressing their brand identity through both web and print mediums so they will reach above and beyond to meet your needs.

Contact Bryan Moore Creative Design for more information on how you can continue to grow without sacrificing you marketing and advertising.

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