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The Value Of CIW Training In Todays Job Market

Posted by On August - 28 - 2009 1,072 views

CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) is a certification which provides skills and job specific expertise to the designers and developers of websites including e-commerce platforms, internet portals and network infrastructure. Since its inception in 1997 it has become the most sought after certifications in the United States and most Asian countries. To date, more than 120,000 certifications have been awarded. Discussed is each pathway leading to different certifications:

CIW Associate

A Certified Internet Webmaster associate is the most basic entry level certification which requires candidates to pass a single exam. The course constitutes study of HTML, internet technologies, website design and various web related networking topologies. It is a cost effective program which offers an opportunity to develop basic understandings of the core concepts before proceeding towards more advanced certifications. Successful candidates are able to find work as website developers and internet system administrators.

CIW Professional

It is one of the most sought after certifications which requires a prior knowledge of IT infrastructure and web based programming. Most organizations seek CIW professionals to administer their internet based web portals and a few even employs these experts to undertake software development campaigns. To pass the test, candidates should have at least attained the CIW associate certificate and must pass one of eight CIW job-role exams. Among other job duties, a CIW professional help management by acting as a web designer, software developer or as a web programmer.

CIW Web Developer

This is a mid level course which is specifically designed to address the needs for implementing e-business solutions. The study highlights crucial aspects of developing systems for C2C and B2C websites. Candidates also acquire skills in programming, coding and scripting which allows the potential web developer to work as web designers, creative directors and e-business specialists.

CIW Security Analyst

The role of this certification is to provide expertise in handling the security issues of e-business, in general. Candidates are accessed on their ability to configure, develop and maintain the e-business servers and related network solutions. It is important to have an idea of network security interface to be successful in a role as firewall administrators, network security offices and network administrators. Each candidate must pass one exam and possess at least one of the related certifications such as MCSA, CNE and CCIE.

CIW Master Administrator

A certification of CIW Master Administrator allows a mid to high level job opportunity where the role is to administer, analyze, develop and mange the IT infrastructure and related networks. The course involves studying network architecture and advance level techniques to solve complex security issues. It is an intensive course that requires candidates to pass four exams. After graduation, holders of this certification work as Managers, IT network supervisors and online community heads.

CIW Master Enterprise Developer

This is one of the most rigorous and challenging certification which rewards successful graduates with high income opportunities and career advancements. There are a total of eight exams one needs to pass. The coursework is developed to achieve objectives of working as a programmer and developer of web based enterprise solutions which may involve managing and programming of advanced application by using script writing and object oriented programming. Graduates automatically get various other certifications including certified JAVA programmer.

CIW Master Site Designer

This is an advance level certificate for candidates interested in perusing a career as high level webmasters, able to administer entire departments and popular websites. Most candidates possess an intimate knowledge of the networking, web media, internet design and programming languages. On completion, one may oversee the operations of web commerce or administer various Internet projects.

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