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These Niche Websites Can Create A Nice Profit

Posted by On August - 28 - 2009 804 views

You are eager to build your money making webpage and the next thing you need are a good host company and some great ideas on what to made you site into. But have you thought about what type of website you are going to have? There are options for that too.

You can make your website all text. Words and links to multiple pages and such. Divide each page into keyword pages specificly targeted to each subject of your topic. The average site is created in this way. You can place a couple of pictures in to livin things up and you are done. Usually good content will keep a visitor interested in your website. Then you can offer your service or product to your guest.

Another thing to consider is audio flash. They allow your visitor to play previously recorded articles for more info. You can set them to start when they hit the button or have it start automaticly when a guest lands on the page. You can read off your own words while others tell a similar story that is related to the text. Which ever you choose it can be an effective way to market your website.

Flash websites are popping up more often. This is most popular for gaming websites and vacation sites. This will allow you to display vivid pictures and animated images that can excite your guest. What better way to have a travel website than to let then see the fun they could be having. This can make travel packages much easier to sell. Just make sure you have some text with your flash because search engines may not be able to read your flash content that well.

Video websites may totally take over some day. Sites like Youtube are one of the top five most watched websites on the web. People love to see the person who create the page. You can generate videos of yourself speaking about your niche and load them up. You can give examples on how your product works or give reasons why you are so passionate about what subject you choose to work with. This can be a great way to get an emotional response and gain trust with each visitor.

There is always the option of using everything on your website. If done correctly it can be an effective way to convince readers into doing business with you. If done poorly it may mix up your visitors with to many things going on at one time. A lost message is not what you want.

These are the ways you can build your first site. Once you figure out what type of site you will have you can then start earning a living. You can build a bunch of mini websites lasered to different niches. Many web host now let you host many sites so take advantage of it. This could bring in multiple streams of income for life.

If you want to have your very own video site then see our make video websites page for more info. If you need a web hosting service then check out our cheap hosting space page. For all you entrepreneurs who are having problems finding ideas to build a site on then start by checking out our finding a niche page.

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