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IT is already playing a pivotal role in the development of future technologies. The job outlook for IT certified professional is faster than average for all occupations whereas the job prospects are excellent. It is not only higher salaries but good working conditions that attract people to this lifestyle. Following are a few well known certifications that are in high demand.

Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)

It is one of the fastest growing IT certifications which is aimed at providing people with useful skills and practical hands-on experience for managing Web technology. It involves studying the dynamics of web servers, information portals as well as internet and e-commerce designs. Successful workers work as webmasters, web developers, which may lead to further career paths as IT consultants, senior webmasters and graphic design mangers. The average starting salary of a certified Internet Webmaster is $40000 which increases with experience and skills. On average senior level jobs pay more than $65000 per annum. One way to learn more about this facinating field is to join a free community, or read pertinent blogs and websites related to webmaster certificate.

CompTIA Certification

These certifications are overseen by the Computing Technology Industry Association which focuses heavily on providing technical skills to become a successful computer technician, computer network technician, Linux operators; theryby advancing to specialized roles such as document image architects, Adobe and Microsoft training instructors. Depending on the type of certifications, candidates can work on a different variety of themes as trainers, consultants, technicians and experts. Most of these area specific certifications are in high demand and very well respected in computing industry. Although fresh graduates may not have problems in finding well paying jobs but salaries in this field are directly proportional to the number of years of experience.

Cisco Certifications

It is probably the most well known certifications which are tailored to meet the requirements of managing and troubleshooting a computer network. There are four levels of certifications which includes design, security, storage and functions of network systems. There are hundred of certified Cisco training and exam centres in more then 150 countries. Cisco certification is still considered by many as a trademark of success, opening door to potentially lucrative and high paying jobs as network administrators. Graduates work as network engineers, system administrators and consultants, demanding anywhere from $45000 to $75000 starting salaries.

(ISC) 2

It is a benchmark certification for the Information System Security professionals. The National Security Agency and the US department of Defence not only acknowledge the skills of each professional but also contribute towards its development and progress. The most widely accepted certification in this program is CISSP, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, which offers job opportunities with the highly sensitive security organisations around the world. On average, holders of (ISC) 2 certificate receive salaries in access of $100000. Each candidate has to renew its license after three years which can be done in variety of ways by taking seminars, teaching and writing research articles.

Checkpoint CCSA

It is one of the most highly recognised vendor specific security certifications. The Checkpoint CCSA provides the necessary skills needed to maintain the operations of checkpoint security systems and troubleshoot any glitch in the smooth flow of information across the entire network. Most candidates have some experience working as security administrators which allow them to grasp easily the fundamentals of creating and installing security policies using advanced features and applications. Due to the nature of certification, checkpoint graduates are specifically targeted by companies that run the VPN/firewall software of which the company holds 99% market share, worldwide. On average, most graduates earn more than $85,000 and find it much easier to transfer their skills to similar organisations that utilize the Checkpoint security system.

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