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Facts To Check Prior To Website Promotion

Posted by On August - 28 - 2009 811 views

Before you broadcast your website to world it?s advisable to maintain a checklist of certain information. Here we are going to discuss some of the points which are over and over again forgotten in hurry and exhilaration.web design SEO
A Favicon brands the window or tab where your website opens in the user browser. In general it is also saved with bookmark which help user to identify pages from the website.
Titles and Meta Data:
For Web design SEO title of the page is very notable. Utilize any trained and experienced person in SEO web design to relate description on each page to page?s content as usually Google necessitate it for search engine result description. For SEO webdesign keyword tags and Meta description are not so much important but still it?s a wise decision to include them.
Check in all Browsers:
When you are definite that design of the website is OK then you should check website with internet browsers. Most admired browsers are Internet explorer (IE) 6, 7 and 8, Safari 3, opera, Firefox 3 and Google Chrome.
It?s always desirable to get someone who can read your content accurately, even if you have checked it 3- 4 times. Try to decrease redundant and unrelated text from the text. Apply general writing rule like breaking the large paragraph block into smaller one and adding heading to all major paragraphs. This will aid you to scan fast. Dynamic boxes such as alert boxes should also be web design
Web Writing:
Don?t ever assume that links provided by you will work. It is better to click on them and see whether they are working or not. The common mistake done by the designer is to forget typing “http” to links to outer websites.
Functionality check:
Before launching web site it?s advisable to check everything. All contact forms should be checked properly by you. Ask your friend or family member to use the website and see where they are finding difficulty and correct that accordingly.
Degradation with Grace:
On occasion, users switch off their java script because of security reasons and in that condition your website should even work with Java script turned off.
There are many reasons if your website does not come under the valid category. Your aim should be to valid date website 100 percent. Common mistakes include no closing tags, no ?alt? tags and using of ?&? in place of ?&? for ampersands.
If you insert file sitemap.xml to the root directory then it would help search engine to index your website. This file help search engine to crawl on your web pages and tell engines that you have some pertinent content that can be shown.
If you want to load your pages more quickly and easily and want to use less server space then reduce the HTTP request, use CSS sprites, optimize images for the web and compress CSS files and JavaScript. Using some useful catching technique can also help you to speed up the performance.
Print Style:
At times user wishes to get a print out from your website. In such cases it would be a good idea to have print specific style sheet incorporated on you website to assist the user.

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