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How Do I Start A Website

Posted by On August - 30 - 2009 833 views

It was bound to happen. After seeing way too many boring sites, you’ve decided that you can do a better job. You may be right, and it certainly is worth a shot. If you find yourself asking “How do I start a website”, the following will definitely get you started. First of all, don’t procrastinate. Studies show that many people consider making their own website, then give up before they ever start. These people may be under the impression that you need to know html or have other technical skills. They also procrastinate about the content instead of jumping right in. The good news is, you don’t need to know html or have vast technical skills. In fact the average computer user can probably create a basic site in just an hour or two.

Step One- Get a Web Host. There are free hosts, but a “free” host will not give you the traffic you need. Besides, a top notch host costs less then $50. a year. Your $50. Investement in a web host gives you everything you need to create your site. You get a free domain such as . You also get all the tools you need to create your site, such as WordPress, Joomla, unlimited emails, unlimted space, autoresponders, newsletter center and much more. You even get advertising credits with Google and Yahoo. To make you feel more secure, a good host will provide great tutorials and around the clock support.Some will even offer support by live chat.How do I start a website

Step Two- Create the Site After you get your host and your domain, you can start to create the site. If this is your first attempt, I suggest WordPress. WordPress is a very easy program to create a great looking site. Pick a theme and plugin your info.Wordpress has hundreds of themes available ready to use. You just enter your info into post boxes and you have a professional looking site. Don’t know what to put on your site? Its best to start with something you are very interested in. Once you’ve decided on the subject, you can easily add material that is readily available online.For example, visit ezinearticles. Do a search for your subject to find related articles.You can also use Youtube to add videos to your website. Don’t feel you have to have the whole site planned out. This is just another bad reason to put it off. Don’t hesitate, follow the two steps above and you will have your site up an running in no time. Instead of putting things off and worrying, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and possibly even make an income from your website.Its pretty easy to earn some income if you have a decent website. The world is waiting!My Own Site

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