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What I Learned From My Dog About Online Marketing

Posted by On August - 31 - 2009 773 views

I feel that it’s a great opportunity here for me to say what I believe I’ve learned from Lucky over the past 7-8 years. I’ll do my best to relate what I’ve learned from her to the Web Marketing(or Marketing Online) niche as I don’t want to bore you guys or show emotions about my lost. So here we go:

1. She Always Lived In The NOW

When she developed cataract, her eye sight got worse and worse and she constantly walked straight into the walls at home. She probably hit the wall 30-40 times a day walking around the house everyday. But you know what?? She didn’t give up life!! She lived in the NOW even though she could barely see her way ahead since around 9 months ago. She would look for milk first thing in the morning like she always used to and didn’t complain about hitting the wall a few times to get to her bowl.

Now let’s translate that……How many people are living in the NOW?? How many of us waking up in the morning with a negative feeling already?? How many people complained that their life was meant to be better?? How many Internet marketers wish they should have made more money??

So why don’t we just embrace the power of NOW and acknowledge that it’s a brand new day and we have the right to choose how we live the day?? We may have problems and stuff that we have to deal with(who doesn’t??) but can we instead wake up and say “Today is a new day. A new, fresh, exciting day” and have a positive outlook for the day instead.

2. She Always Enjoyed Life

When Lucky’s heart got bigger and bigger(can’t remember the name of the condition but it was genetic) and her rib cage looked bigger than the rest of her body she was still enjoying life like she always had when she was younger and healthier. Despite her heart condition, she would still go under the sun(after a few bangs to the wall) and have a bit of sun bath whenever the weather would permit. She also loved her ears scratched every time I did that to her and rolling her head around. Plus, she always enjoyed every dinner (Pedigree puppy range) at night and never looked sad or disappointed about her health challenges when she was eating.

SO what do they mean?? Lucky was trying to teach me that I should enjoy life!! Dean Holland also said it many times during his live coaching calls that we need to enjoy what we’re doing online. If we don’t enjoy what we’re doing then we’re slaves!!

Don’t get me wrong……I didn’t quite enjoy setting up this blog at the beginning as I was stuck with different themes and widgets etc. Now that I started blogging and seeing other people’s comments and looking at others’ blogs I actually quite enjoying it now. Why?? Because I can gain new information while visiting others blogs(such as Gravator) and seeing comments left by others under my blog posts made me feel good that I’m providing contents that people like and hopefully they find them useful.

Enjoy whatever that you like to do. First, you feel motivated to do it. Second, you feel happier as you’re enjoying your tasks(i.e no slave). Third, if a little dog can do it despite health challenges, why can’t you??

3. Life Is Too Short!!

We all know that dogs have a much shorter life span than us humans. What I discovered was that there were tasks in my life where I had wasted too much time “trying to figure out” about Website Marketing and didn’t get to spend more time with Lucky in the past. For example, I wrote earlier about how I wasted so much time on WordPress themes. The point is that I could let someone who knows how to do this and pay a reasonable fee to deal with that(and teach me too) instead of trying to learn all the theme functionality, widgets, Gravator and a whole bunch of plugins all by myself. Instead, for blogging, all I really needed to know were how to post new posts like this one, prevent spam comments, select categories and tags etc. That’s all I needed for blogging!!

It’s like driving a car. Most of us only know how to drive and don’t know how to service or repair a car. When it comes to car servicing/repair it’s best to find a good mechanic to sort that out instead of getting dirty with engine oil and grease. Recently, I had a nail in the one of the tyres and when I tried to pull it out I heard gas coming out of the tyre. I heard of stuff called “tyre repair kit” but I was reluctant to try that as I had no experience of using such kit and didn’t know how much time I’d be needed to waste to do that. So I drove to a tyre shop and got it fixed in 5 minutes for $15(AUD). If I had gone for a repair kit(still cost money) and tried to learn how to use it etc that’s gonna take hours, and I would have to pray that the tyre would be safe enough to drive after being repaired by a “tyre newbie”.

Another point I must say is that we all have 24 hours a day, that’s all!! No one lives more than 24 hours a day because we only have 24 hours a day!! So do you want more free time to do things that we enjoy doing?? Maybe it’s time to think about if some of the day’s tasks should be taken care of by others instead?? Or at least start thinking about how to spend time more efficiently and effectively(aka time management)??

Ok, that’s it for now. This post is the longest yet by me and I hope you guys not falling asleep reading this far.

Oh……. if any of you learned anything from your pets and would like to share feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy Life, Huddson

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