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Web Designing For Beginners

Posted by On September - 11 - 2009 777 views

Are you a beginner in web designing, than keep this in mind: PLANNING is the most important thing ! If you want to save yourself hundreds of hours of hard work and want to build the best looking site than you will have to keep this rule in mind.

Also if you want to build your site faster, there are numerous free tools around the internet that are just waiting to be used. Try a few of them and decide for yourself which suits you the best. First thing’s first, take a blank sheet of paper and do a sketch of the want to be site. It will be very useful for you to take a quick pick and keep you on the right track.

Make a flowchart of the entire site you want to build. Think of it as a pyramid, with the homepage being the top, followed closely by the most important pages, and after that by the less important pages and so on. Try not to make the pyramid too deep, meaning that if you go beyond tier 3 you will make you job of optimizing the page for search engines very hard. A very good practice if you want to build your site fast, is build the homepage first, and make it a template for the other pages of your site. They will look the same but will be filled with different content and have different links. This way adding new pages to your site becomes an easy and pleasant job.

If you want to become a good web designer be alert, as you have to take care of more than one thing. The most important one is the need of your visitors. Make the navigation intuitive, and the colors must not hurt the eye. Also you need to take care of the search engine needs, meaning you have to optimize the page so you get a good search engine ranking.

A good web designer can lead the visitors to a path that he chooses, meaning that he will make the site in such a manner that a visitor will reach the sales page quickly and with the open mindedness to buy your products. The sales page must not be more than a click away for any page of your site. Remember that a very important thing is to take your visitors their email address and their name, this is if possible. You can later use these to sell them more products and in time if you get a big list this can be very profitable.

Remember, Planning is the most important thing, and also, always keep in mind the goal of your site.

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