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Posted by On September - 25 - 2009 526 views

Today’s article is brought to you by Wealthy Affiliate Platinum. Wealthy Affiliate Platinum is launching at the end of September 2009 and will be the world’s premiere Internet marketing training facility. If you want to succeed online, then you need Wealthy Affiliate Platinum.

Wealthy Affiliate

Dear Marketer,

I often hear people asking questions about how to make money
online, and wonder why they’re unaware of the most simplest
basics of selling…

Did you know that it’s entirely a numbers game, and the more
people that see your offer, and the more times they see your
opportunity, the more sales you will make?

It is indeed a fact, and the most exciting part is that up
to 80% of sales are made on the 5th to the 12th contact with
your prospect.

Now while all this is well and good, it might not be as easy
to implement that strategy if you don’t know how to go about it.

Well, I’m making that easy for you today…

Take a look here:

This is a powerful program that I’ve been keeping under
wraps for a while, because I didn’t really want to share it
with anyone. It’s one of the programs that I use
consistently on a regular basis to make more sales.

Want to know why?

-> I can send my emails to new prospects AND random members
every 3 days, which increases the chances of making more sales.
-> I can send regular emails to random members equalling the
total of my downline 10 levels deep and bonus members.
-> I can make commissions from any of my referrals that upgrade.
In fact, all members earn the same amount of commission no
matter what membership level they are at. (But I upgraded so
I can reach many more people).
-> When I send out an email, I can see how many clickthrus
each promotion receives.
-> I automatically get a bonus number of members that
receive my ads ON TOP of the regular random amount and
downline number.

Here are the bonus levels for each membership type:

1. Free members can send out promotions to random members
equalling the total of their downline 10 levels deep PLUS 10
bonus members every 7 days.

2. Pro members can mail out their promotions to random
members equalling the total of their downline 10 levels deep
PLUS 100 bonus members every 3 days. They can also setup 1
banner and text ad for unlimited impressions across the website!

3. Platinum membership level members can send their
promotions out to random members equalling the total of
their downline 10 levels deep PLUS 1000 bonus members every
3 days! They also receive 2 banners and 2 text ads to
promote their business with unlimited impressions valued in
excess of $97/mth!

My advice is to go with the one-time-offer that you see
after signing up. It’s the absolute best value from all the
available deals.

Take a closer look now, and see what you think [firstname].
Signup for free and have a look around. I know you’ll be as
pleased with the response rates as I have been.

Rohit Seth

PS. When I mentioned that this program is powerful, I’m not
exaggerating… It really does work to generate new
prospects to your affiliate programs, or to make product
sales. I highly recommend you join today.

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum hopes you enjoyed reading this article today. If you are interested in marketing and affiliate marketing, then you need to see what Wealthy Affiliate Platinum can do for you!Wealthy Affiliate Review

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