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Unique European Website Tips For Ireland Businesses

Posted by On September - 27 - 2009 913 views

Important European advice for IOM companies: this time do not be left behind simply because you were told you do not speak any foreign language!

It’s urgent now you consider having your own european website to secure your business future.

Find out how the EU Consumer Summit can help your company.

The first ever EU Consumer Summit will take place in Brussels on 1 and 2 April 2009.

This special event will bring together over 250 stakeholders from all over the EU 27 countries, to look at the challenges and opportunities facing today’s consumer, with a special focus on the digital world.
There will be a wide variety of high-level participants from industry, consumer organisations, national administrations, EU institutions and NGOs – as well as many “ordinary” consumers from across REuropean Union – so there would be lively and interesting discussions.

Why does the EU Consumer Summit take place?

Actually let’s hear from the Meglena Kuneva EU Consumer Commissioner, in charge of the EU consumer Summit.

“Between 2006 and 2008 the proportion of EU consumers buying at least one item over the internet increased from 27% to 33%.

These average figures mask the huge popularity of online shopping in countries like UK, France and Germany where more than 50% of internet users have made purchases in the last year.

In Denmark, Sweden, Norway Finland and Iceland 91% of internet users bought products and services online in 2008. Italy and Spain are also fast growing markets.

Consumers have everything to gain from the Internet. It expands the size of the market they operate in and gives them access to more
providers and more choice. It makes it possible to compare products, suppliers and prices on an unprecedented scale. Internet use for retail shopping is destined to pervasive. Already 150 million European consumers shop online, although only 30 million of them shop online cross border.

We must see to it that adoption of the internet platform will not be unnecessarily slowed down by a failure to remove important regulatory barriers or to address important trust issues for consumers.”

So from these facts, Meglena Kuneva then decided to launch the first EU Consumer Summit in Brussels.

30 different European countries registered for this event which is fully booked since March 20th.

Therefore we provide you with the full agenda of this unprecedented event.

Day 1: Wednesday, 1 April
“Listening to Europe’s Consumers” PRE-EVENT WITH CONSUMERS

The purpose of the pre-event is to gather European citizens’ views and concerns as consumers operating in the digital world.

Participants in the preevent are invited to fill a short questionnaire to contribute to the preparation of the discussion.

2 workshops will take place.

– Workshop 1: Discussion with consumer advocates, digital experts, business and consumers themselves, current risks and opportunities for consumers in the digital environment with a view to formulating the most appropriate response to emerging issues.

– Workshop 2: weaknesses, strengths and best practices on how the consumer movement adapts to the digital world. The workshop will be an opportunity to share good practices among consumer NGOs towards enhancing capacity building.

Day 2: Thursday, 2 April

2 panel discussions which lead on from day 1 workshops:

– Panel 1 – On digital issues will focus on data collection online as well as on targeting and profiling.

– Panel 2 – Outcome of day 1 workshop 2 on consumer advocacy, with panellists invited to share their own experiences. This panel is an opportunity to learn from others on their use of IT technologies.

As you can see Europe is moving. One of the biggest internet market has decided to improve its performances in order to help your business future.
There are excellent business prospectives in unexploited niche market. So it’s time for you to get your european website now!

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