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Pre-Built Web Sites Make Everyone A Professional

Posted by On October - 31 - 2009 1,910 views

If you’ve ever tried to build a web site, you know how hard it can be. Pre-built web sites make it easy! In fact, I’ll show you how to setup a fully functional pre-built web site in 2 hours or less.

Step 1: Domain & Hosting
There are several really good affordable web hosting companies. My favorite is, but you can choose where you want your site hosted. The prices vary only slightly. Just remember to pick out a hosting company that offers free WordPress setup. This little feature should be free, if it’s not, pick a different company.
You also want to pick out a domain that is relevant to your niche. Make sure you check out the different pre-built web sites offered by first. You might get some really good ideas for a possible domain. I also suggest you pick out a pre-built web site first. It’s a good place to start and gives you a direction to follow. If you start by picking out a domain, you might not find any sites that go good with your chosen domain.

Step 2: Installing WordPress
Like I said before, many companies offer to install wordpress for you for free. You’ll want to walk through the steps to get the installation process started. This step takes a bit of time, but it’s not hard. Most of the time spent on this step is waiting on the hosting company to finish the installation. While you’re waiting, you can begin downloading a theme in the next step.

Step 3: Installing A Theme from
There are over 14 different niches to choose from at These are the most popular are most profitable niches. However, if you have a niche in mind that is not in the list, you can send them an email and they will build you a website for that niche. Once you have a pre-built web site picked out, you can download the wordpress theme in .zip format. Once downloaded, leave it in this format because we can upload it directly to wordpress without extracting it. has further instructions on how to install your theme if you get stuck. However, you should get along just fine because in wordpress, there’s an option to install a new theme. It’s under Appearance > Add New.

Step 4: Uploading Pre-Built Web Site Content
Once you have your theme installed, you can add the content provided by There’s instructions on the site for doing this. It’s pretty simple. They provide everything you need all in one pre-built package. There’s graphics, reviews, icons, articles, links, and more. These pre built web site make anyone look like a professional.

Step 5: Optional Configuration
If you need further customization and configuration, has over 35 minutes worth of videos and tutorials that will walk you through each step. Have fun building web sites the easy way!

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