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Building Your Own Small Business Website

Posted by On November - 6 - 2009 1,639 views

Would you like to know how to make your own website? Are you unemployed and would like to have a small business of your own? Are you a small business owner and would be keen to advertise your merchandise but you are not acquainted how to create your web page highly ranked so you can bring lots of traffic and convert it to sales? In this article I will explain some important steps on how to design, build, publish and promote a website.

If you are thinking that building a website is so hard or something that you can’t do as you know nothing about it, don’t be surprised if I tell you that all of those things will turn out to be untrue. You will see that building your own website is very easy. Although it would be convenient to use web development companies, as a business owner it is a great edge if you also know the basics of making a website.

First of all you should make a list of what you need:

Basic computer skills

1- Access to a personal computer
2- Access to the Internet
3- A free HTML Editor
4- A place on the World Wide Web to publish your page (Web hosting – Domain name)

The Process:

1) Planning: You should define your objectives, the reason why you are going to build a website. You should think thoroughly about the content that you will put in the webpage. Your web site should be competitive and analytical. Think of something you like and love to do every day, a topic that you have a very good knowledge of. Write every thing and every post in your own words. Don’t limit yourself. Be open minded. You should know that when people search for information they use different keywords to get various results.

2) Design your webpage: This is the next step after you have brainstormed of what your website should be. Now you should think how your website will look like? Think about something different to attract visitors. Don’t forget that the textual content is the most significant factor and it should be valuable.

3) Optimizing for the search engines: there are some steps to optimize your webpage for certain keywords:

a) Title tag: It should be 5-10 words and the keyword should be the first word in the title.
b) Meta Description tag: It is a short description of the page. It must also contain your chosen keyword.
c) The regular text of the page: Put not less than three hundred words on the page. And be to the point.

4) Domain name and hosting: You need a domain name as it will give your site credibility. Don’t make it too long and make sure that it contains the main keyword that is appropriate to your website. If you are on a low budget, you can go for free hosting but a paid small business web hosting is a hundred times much better for your business.

5) Promotion: It is the most important step in your online business’ existence. You should submit your website to the search engines to bring traffic to your website and to position well, hence, attract advertisers. Article marketing is one of the best methods but there are myriad of other techniques.

I hope that this article has helped you in a way to know the basics of making a website for your business.

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