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2.6 Create Design Concept


Custom Design Concept usually takes 7 days. Price: $ Only!    Get a FREE Quote

If you do not wish to use any of the structures available in the library, you may opt to have a new structure built for you according to your desires. This is available at additional cost.

More Web Design Elements

2.1 Logo design - web only
2.2 Logo design - web & print
2.3 Flash Intro
2.4 Advanced Flash Intro
2.5 Select Design From Library
2.6 Custom Design Concept
2.7 Visual Element Adjustment
2.8 Color Scheme Change
2.9 Image Suggestion
2.10 Image Editing


Why you need a custom design concept?

  • Greater design concept flexibility allows you to show what sets you apart from the rest
  • Offline marketing will be complimented and enhanced with a site that is built " to fit" your needs and personality.
  • Dramatically reduce costs associated with print marketing (brochures, reports, postcards, etc.) and distribution
  • Search engine optimization and online marketing services tend to be easier , and produce more favorable results with custom built Web sites

What we can do for you:

  • New Design - We can create new and unique design concept based on your content submission.

  • Redesign - We can analyze your current design concept and redesign your site professionally in order to meet your highest marketing requirements.

How do we proceed?

  1. Your personal project manager will call you by the phone in order to accept your needs and expectation about your site in details. He will set a work schedule and will keep you in touch about your design growth.
  2. You'll receive our design suggestion as a screen shots or couple of html demo pages.
  3. Send your tuning requirements and comments
  4. We create your site core pages and are ready for SEO, online marketing and content rewrite.


Custom web design examples