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    I. Prebuilt Web Packs

    II. Custom Solutions

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6.1 Web Programming and Custom Design


Web Programming and custom design solution usually takes 100-200 hours. Price: $/h Only!    Get a FREE Quote

Web Programming makes design and more importantly, maintenance of large Web sites easier and more cost-efficient. Client side programming in Javascript, W3C DOM DHTML, XHTML and CSS. Server side programming in C/C++, Java, PHP, MySQL and MS SQL.

More Custom work options

6.1 Web Programming
6.2 Project Management
6.3 SEO, Marketing and Usability


Why you need web programming and custom web design?

If your website is in need of consistent updating, dynamic content, or drawing information for interactivity then you will benefit from web programming. Programming allows you to enhance the experience of the user in the form of your choosing.

A Custom Web Design provides your business or organization with a clean, effective and customized web presence. Here you are the custom web design benefits:

  • Greater design flexibility allows you to show what sets you apart from the rest

  • Offline marketing will be complimented and enhanced with a site that is built " to fit" your needs and personality.

  • Dramatically reduce costs associated with print marketing (brochures, reports, postcards, etc.) and distribution

  • Search engine optimization and online marketing services tend to be easier , and produce more favorable results with custom built Web sites

What We Can Do For You

  • Free Initial Consultation - Our project managers will meet with you to discuss the scope of your project.
  • Product Demonstration - We will create an initial project demonstration with a smaller investment from you.
  • Product Initiation- Our team of programmers and designers will begin work upon receipt of contract.
  • Product Completion - A thorough review of the project will be made to ensure specifications are met and within scope. We can create completely custom web sites for your clients as well. Custom work allows a greater flexibility for your client's site development (such as advanced flash work, .psd development, etc.). Custom work is billed to you at just $/hr. Call for details.
  • Client-side programming languages include but are not limited to: W3C DOM DHTML, XHTML, CSS .
  • Server-side programming languages include but are not limited to: C/C++, Java, PHP, MySQL, MS SQL and other languages.