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7.5 Online Networking


Just $ Setup, $/mo Only!

My Community is a solution which allows you to build a network of people into a thriving online community. It is much like the MySpace service.

The My Community package lets you gather your own community members together and provides you with an opportunity to target advertisers specific to the community niche you decide to create.

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My Community includes:

  • Gallery - Share and display any members uploaded  images. Each user can select a group when they upload their images if they only want friends to view their images. Otherwise they can restrict anyone else from seeing their images.
  • Browse - Search to find other members. One of the most commonly used tools for members to meet other members and to grow your network.
  • Blogs - Members  have the option to add blogs to their own profile, which is listed in the main blog section, also allowing other members to search other blogs.
  • Forum - A  forum where your members can get together and discuss certain topics that have been created by you  Members can post ideas, comments, etc and other members can reply with their thoughts.
  • Rate - Images that are uploaded to the gallery section will also be added to the rating system. The system randomizes images when a user visits and allows them to rate any image that comes up.
  • Battle - This section gets images from the gallery area. It displays a couple of  random images and creates a competition which will allow the user to pick their preference of the 2 images. Each image is then added to the battle ranking.
  • Poll - This allows your users the opportunity to create a poll and other members the opportunity to place their selection on the poll.
  • Groups - This will allow your members to create a community within your community. They will have their own forum, gallery, members page and main page.
  • Classifieds - Allows members to post ads of items for sale, jobs, and much more.
  • Quiz - Members can create and take a quiz created by other members. It allows your users to create a quiz with 10 questions and will allow other members the chance to answer each of them. It also keeps track of the quiz and allows the members that took the quiz the chance to view who got the most answers correct.
  • Events - If members have an event like a party or birthday they can add it here so other members can RSVP.
  • Live Chat - Best way for your members to get in touch with each other is using the live chat.
  • Instant Messenger - If your members would like to chat 1 on 1 with another member they can get on the IM to do so.



  • Account & Profile Settings
    Personal information your members have such as their email or details about themselves they can edit at anytime using the easy to use account/profile system.
  • Profile Picture
    Your members can at anytime add or change their profile image which is displayed on their profile and on any item they add to the site such as blogs, comments etc...
  • Customizable Profile
    Your customers can change the color of their profile and upload a background image easily.
  • Internal Email
    Your members can use the internal email system to get and keep in touch with each other
  • Upload Items
    Members can add pictures to their profile pages and to their own photo gallery
  • Friends & Favorites
    Add other members as friends or favorites to create  your own network of people
  • Bulletin
    Similar to a forum the bulletin allows your members to post threads that only their friends can see and no one else.
  • Invite
    One of the key tools of your community is the invite tool. Your members will be able to invite any of their friends to your site simply by adding their email(s) in the form.



  • Guestbook
    Members can leave a public message on other member profiles
  • Friends & Favorites
    Add other members as friends or favorites to create your own network of people
  • Personal Information
    Members will be able to list and edit details about themselves that are on display to the public
  • Visitors
    Members can see who recently visited their page
  • Blogs
    Members can create a blog for others to view and comment on
  • Gallery
    Part of the profile that lists all images the member has uploaded and allows other members to comment on them
  • Groups
    Members can join groups available in the community to participate in discussions and events
  • Messaging Center
    Members can send internal email, chat, and add friends to their network. Members can also block and unblock members at will
  • Abuse Reporting
    Members can contact you, the site owner, by clicking a link and reporting abusive members or things they might find offensive



  • Review Members
    Allows you, the site owner, to review your members and approve or deny membership, pictures, and many other items
  • Profile Options
    Edit the fields you want on your members profiles easily through the administration
  • Sections
    As administrator you can turn certain sections of your website on and off
  • Staff
    Enable your staff members to administrate certain sections of your website for content and moderation
  • Groups, Forum, Classifieds
    Create, Edit, or Delete these features
  • Approval Process
    You are able to approve any new polls, quizzes, or gallery images to ensure appropriate content
  • Member Newsletter
    Easily email all of your members with news and events you want them to receive
  • Ads
    Charge companies to advertise on your site.  (Advanced advertising package available)
  • Filter
    Include words in a list that you do not want on your site and they will be unable to be viewed.


  • Hosting control panel access
  • Site FTP access
  • Database ability required (MySQL)
  • Security Certificate (SSL)
  • Minimum webspace 15mb