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Ecommerce Web Site Elements - Web Design -



    I. Prebuilt Web Packs

    II. Custom Solutions

    III. Web Maintenance

    IV. Business Solutions


Private Label Web Design
Voip Phone Services
Web Design for Restaurants
Offroading Community




4. Ecommerce Web Site Elements

Ecommerce web site elements are properties of a web site dealing directly with management of selling products or services directly online. is intimately knowledgeable with Miva Merchant software. You must have Miva on your hosting services. This is available through a hosting package. The following Ecommerce elements are available to you to add to existing packages or custom solutions.


4.1 Merchant store set up (includes 20 products) 1-2 days $
4.2 10 Merchant products input (layout, posting) 1 day $
4.3 Other Ecommerce Shopping Cart Setup (quote) 3-4 days call
4.4 Payment Module (if not built into cart) 1 day/module $

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