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The cost for a web site varies with each client, depending upon your individual needs and the look you want. All sites are designed specifically for each client. No templates, canned or cookie cutter web pages are used.

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I Need My News Section Professionally Updated
I need a Professional News Section for my site

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Often, the most time-consuming (and therefore expensive) part of the web design job is preparing the source material - the text and the pictures which make up the site content. Some customers have been surprised to find that we can have their website finished in less than several days work, if they provide us with all the source material for their site in a sensible format.

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How many products do you intend to sell on your site?

        1-15 products
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        I do not need a custom shopping cart

I need a professional FLASH introduction.

If you would like us to create a Flash template (with flash menu). How many menu items do you anticipate on flash menu ?

        1-5 items
        5-10 items
        10-20 items
        More than 20 items.
        I do not need Flash template.

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We can write your text content, based on notes you provide, or edit existing text.)

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