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Pre-Built Web Sites Make Everyone A Professional

Posted by On October - 31 - 2009

If you’ve ever tried to build a web site, you know how hard it can be. Pre-built web sites make it easy! In fact, I’ll show you how to setup a fully functional pre-built web site in 2 hours or less.

Step 1: Domain & Hosting
There are several really good affordable web hosting companies. My favorite is, but you can choose where you want your site hosted. The prices vary only slightly. Just remember to pick out a hosting company that offers free WordPress setup. This little feature should be free, if it’s not, pick a different company.
You also want to pick out a domain that is relevant to your niche. Make sure you check out the different pre-built web sites offered by first. You might get some really good ideas for a possible domain. I also suggest you pick out a pre-built web site first. It’s a good place to start and gives you a direction to follow. If you start by picking out a domain, you might not find any sites that go good with your chosen domain.

Step 2: Installing WordPress
Like I said before, many companies offer to install wordpress for you for free. You’ll want to walk through the steps to get the installation process started. This step takes a bit of time, but it’s not hard. Most of the time spent on this step is waiting on the hosting company to finish the installation. While you’re waiting, you can begin downloading a theme in the next step.

Step 3: Installing A Theme from
There are over 14 different niches to choose from at These are the most popular are most profitable niches. However, if you have a niche in mind that is not in the list, you can send them an email and they will build you a website for that niche. Once you have a pre-built web site picked out, you can download the wordpress theme in .zip format. Once downloaded, leave it in this format because we can upload it directly to wordpress without extracting it. has further instructions on how to install your theme if you get stuck. However, you should get along just fine because in wordpress, there’s an option to install a new theme. It’s under Appearance > Add New.

Step 4: Uploading Pre-Built Web Site Content
Once you have your theme installed, you can add the content provided by There’s instructions on the site for doing this. It’s pretty simple. They provide everything you need all in one pre-built package. There’s graphics, reviews, icons, articles, links, and more. These pre built web site make anyone look like a professional.

Step 5: Optional Configuration
If you need further customization and configuration, has over 35 minutes worth of videos and tutorials that will walk you through each step. Have fun building web sites the easy way!

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Relationship Building to Market Your Graphic Design business

You’ve optimized your web site, tuned up your webpage so it’s stellar, and still you want more business for your web design studio. Where do you go? What do you do?

Go out and get together your prospective customers in person! Many of your likely clients are people oriented. They want to feel that they have a relationship with the person with whom they do business. That personal connection is very important so these particular clients would never dream of doing business with someone just because their web site came up on the first page of the Yahoo. These are the people who want personal contact, to meet you in person, talk with you on the telephone, and get to know who you are.

It may take some time and effort to build these relationships, but once you do you’ll be very happy you did. With clients where you’ve built a personal association, the loyalty factor is much higher. They’ll stick with you, giving you repeat business over the months. But, you ask, “How do I meet and attract them to do business with my particular graphic design studio?”

networking. Depending on the area of the country where you live, there are numerous ways to meet likely clients in your area. Larger cities have a lot of different networking groups. Even smaller areas and communities have clubs and organizations which can be productive social opportunities. Below are some of the places you can find networking groups and the types of groups you may find.

Chamber of Commerce – As a rule local chambers have social events – breakfast, lunch or evening cocktail mixers. You can come as a visitor the first time and sometimes more than one time. After that they may require you to join — which is not a bad idea, if you want to build credibility for your graphic design studio. Being able to say you are a member of your local Chamber of Commerce enhances your credibility to people who find you via the web as well.

Business social Groups. These are groups that meet for the express purpose of giving and getting business. some of them meet weekly and roughly meet monthly. Typically the ones that meet weekly are “exclusive” meaning that if you join as their graphic design studio, no one else in the group will be doing graphic design. The monthly meetings are often non-exclusive meaning that more than one graphic design studio can join.

Other networking options. The Rotary Clubs, Lions/lioness Clubs and other humanitarian organizations provide excellent tools to network while contributing something back to your community. Alumni organizations, political and school organizations also are excellent fields for social.

Remember though. Associations are usually not built overnight. They take time. So, don’t expect to show up once and go home with immediate business for your graphic design studio. It may take numerous meetings for people get to know you and what you do. So while it takes about strength on the front end, the customers you’ll get, will stay with you longer, because they know you and see you on a regular basis.

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Tips For Reviewing Website Design

Posted by On October - 28 - 2009

The design and development work involved in creating a highly effective website begins with the first client review and continues until the site goes live. Unlike any other industry, custom website design is open to criticism by anyone. To streamline the creative review process, it’s important to follow your initial business strategy for your website. That is, what exactly do you want users to do… what is the number one function for your website?

Do you want users to purchase your products on your online shop? Are you trying to generate leads for future sales calls? Are you trying to build a community around your products and/or services?

Getting the best creative results are found when you follow your initial business strategy. Strategy and business initiatives are key.

At the beginning of your web design process, you had certain goals and business objectives. During your website reviews, your main concern should be focused on hitting these goals. Will the design and layout help increase newsletter sign ups? Have we given users easy access to purchase the products we offer? How does the layout influence users to fill out our forms so we can follow-up on the information? And so on.

During your creative reviews, you should ask your web design agency questions that will help articulate your business goals. How will my customer purchase products from my site? Does the look and feel of the site reflect my company’s brand values? Does the look and feel of the site appeal to my customer? What graphic elements have you used in the design to lead customers to what we want them to do? What benefits are we giving customers with this site? Will customers know exactly what business we’re in by viewing the home page?

Communication is key. Does the website communicate your business goals? Does the design support a unique experience? What value is being communicated? Are your goals being met?

If the answer to any of the above is no, tell your website design agency. Be honest. Any agency dedicated to their client’s business success with take the criticism seriously and change the work to meet your goals. You should never approve creative that does not meet the business goals you have set for your online business.

When you give your web development and design agency concrete strategic design direction, they can create a site that will meet and exceed your business requirements.

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to meet with your design agency in-person to review creative. In this day and age, with the power of the internet, you can review your web site’s look and feel, and functionality over the phone!

Let’s say you live in Tulsa Oklahoma, and have contracted with a Reno web design agency. No problem. You can ask the same questions, and still get great results over the phone. Just make sure to stay focused on your business goals for your website. It doesn’t matter that you have hired a web design Reno design agency. Stick to your business goals, and you’ll get a quality, user-centric website that meets your expectations.


Learn Why To Web Safe Fonts For Web Designers

Posted by On October - 27 - 2009

What can you tell us about Web safe fonts?
Practically every personal computer has a set of fonts installed. These fonts are typically put there by the computer vendor or are the default sets of fonts for the operating system (OS) the computer had loaded on it. Furthermore, most users can install additional fonts either one set at a time or in packages.

In any case, not all font sets come on all computers. That’s right! Not all computers have the same sets of fonts installed. Additionally, the majority of users never know the difference. Whenever your organization’s Web designers and developers are developing web sites, they must not forget this rule. web design companies are aware of this, and so should you. Whenever your company’s software engineers choose to adopt a font on your corporation’s Web page that visiting clients don’t own, that poorly chosen font will render differently on the visiting clients’ PC.

Thus, how does your enterprise ascertain your website’s fonts will look great for the largest number of boxes available to consumers? The answer is use Web safe fonts. Web safe fonts are a set of highly common fonts that come installed on nearly all personal computers. website designers and developers in Anchorage, Alaska can provide your company special help if needed.

Who needs to be aware of Web safe fonts in today’s world?
Every Web should use Web safe fonts. Your enterprise is encouraged to ascertain your website’s fonts are always easily read by your corporation’s computer users. If using Web safe fonts, your corporation’s software developers reduce the risk of making some users very angry at the poor results of the Web site’s display.

When your company’s visitors dont’ have the ability to easily digest your company’s web sites, then are unable to get the content your organization’s software engineers offered. If the content on your corporation’s sites is displeasing and users decide to suffer and plunge through the for your corporation’s content, it will still look displeasing and supply your visitors with a poor impression about your organization’s commitment to quality.

To not make this rocket science, everybody should be using Web safe fonts whenever placing text on a Web site.

Where should we use Web safe fonts?

Among your enterprise-level Web sites’ copy, consider on adopting Web safe fonts in plain text headers, links, and all textual content. If your company’s software developers use plain text for your business’s logo, they advised to use Web safe fonts for the logo text. Actually, about the only exception to adopting Web safe fonts is when incorporating text in images. When your firm’s Web designers and developers determine to make use of images for a portion of of your text, then one is allowed to use any desired font because images always appear the same on all boxes. Be as it may, your firm’s software engineers should never incorporate images for all of your text. Care should always be practiced when using images. SEO will be unfavorably affected.

Which Web fonts can our developers use and where are they best used?
Add Web safe fonts into your CSS file with font-family rules.

To take a simple example,:
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Arial is the most common font on personal computers.
Now and again PCs and Macs may not have Arial loaded, generally this happens on “ancient” Apple computers. Nevertheless, Helvetica is commonly configured on Apple computers. Helvetica looks almost exactly like to Arial. So Helvetica is usually listed as the second choice. If browsers are unable to load the first font in the list, they look for the next font. In this case, Helvetica font will be rendered when Arial is not built in.

In conclusion some PCs and Macs may not have Arial or Helvetica loaded. Whenever this occurs, “sans-serif” is shown. If the crafting of fonts becomes overwhelming, you can always join an Anchorage, Alaska database management company.


Quality Of Service Demand From A Web Design Service

Posted by On October - 26 - 2009

Almost nearly every business has or is in need of a website today. Websites have happen to a convenient way to present your business to the public. It is also another way to promote your business. Therefore, it should be professional and give the right information to intention audiences. Any IT Consulting Company in Anchorage, Alaska is a excellent example to think of. If their web site is unprofessional, you most certainly won’t employ them.

Website design have been in great demand. Let’s take a look at a professional web design companies in Alaska, for instance, they receive a large amount of Web design requests from many lodging, fishing and wilderness adventures companies. For this company, making certain that the clients’ new websites have built in marketing is part of their job. A first-class Web design company can understand the client’s business and be able to make the clients’ presence on the internet a promising one.

Professional web designers will need to become acquainted with your business, your business policies and product life cycle. During this period of requirements gathering it will be important for you to give feedback and any supplementary input that you may have. This will make the procedure of gathering the requirements not only more accurate but also to help take less time. And as they always state time is money, your money.

You are familiar with your business better than anyone else. Therefore it is important for you to help the Web designers recognize the ins and outs of your business. A good Web designer will help the you archive this task. Another important item for Web design is content. You ought to suggest the Web designers any references such as other websites, templates, documents, mission statements, logos, images, and something else you have that portrays how your business functions. This will help you in sharing your idea with the Web designers you end up hiring.

There are many web design services obtainable on the market, ranging from website design to online marketing. A few may also be professional database design companies. Having a presence on the internet is important and also very precious to a company if done properly. But if it is done poorly it will reflect unsuccessfully on you and your business. So it is important to find professional Web designers who will not only make the new website look good but also have the skills to optimize the website for search engine rankings. They come together. A high ranked website will not do well if it is designed poorly and vice-versa.

This is why we will expend some time on website marketing. Online marketing has recently come to be an entirely new aspect that is vital for website design. The internet increases in size daily, actually it becomes bigger by the second. Search engines index all this latest data that is being created on the Web. And that means the more data on the internet the more future oppositions you will have for presenting up first on search results. Proper marketing of a website will assist your business to keep current on search engines or social media networks. When people can’t find your business they can’t purchase from you.


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Affiliate Ebook Marketing Series – Promoting Affiliate Ebook Marketing with Articles

An affiliate ebook can be a great tool to help boost affiliate sales. However, it still requires marketing efforts to get it out to the public. Marketing can be one of the most difficult parts of an online business, but it does not have to be. One of the newest trends in marketing can work perfectly for affiliate ebook marketing.

An affiliate ebook can be a great tool to help boost affiliate sales. However, it still requires marketing efforts to get it out to the public. Marketing can be one of the most difficult parts of an online business, but it does not have to be. One of the newest trends in marketing can work perfectly for affiliate ebook marketing.

Many online business people have found the power of using articles as a marketing tool. There are websites called article directories that host articles. These websites are highly ranked on search engines, and so therefore are the articles in the directories.

By submitting articles to article directories a person is able to get free advertising. How this is done is that a person includes information on their ebook in the bio section of their article. People can then read the article and get their link to their affiliate ebook.

A person needs to begin by writing an article. The article can not be a sales piece, it has to be informative or the directories will not accept it. It should also be interesting and offer useful information. The whole idea is to get people to read it and want to get more information, so a person should keep that in mind when writing the article.

Submitting the articles to the directories is not too hard either. It involves copying the piece to the directory form and filling out some basic personal information. Once the form is submitted it will be reviewed. This usually take s couple days and then the directory will send an email telling the person if the article was accepted or not. As long as the article is well written, good quality and not a solicitation piece it should be accepted easily by the article directories.

Using articles as a method of marketing is popular because it works. Since the article directories are ranked good on the search engines it takes away that hassle of fighting with the search engines. It allows a person to write a good article and when their keyword is searched it comes up high on the results.

Affiliate ebook marketing by using articles is something anyone can do. Writing a simple article is not too difficult or a person can hire someone to write the article. There are plenty of ghostwriters who charge reasonable rates to write such articles. This is also a trackable method so it is a very good marketing option. It also allows a person to seem like an authority on the subject which makes the ebook that much more appealing.

Affiliate ebook marketing by using articles works because it can be tracked, it works well with the search engines and it is free or very low cost, if a person needs to buy an article.


Henry Schweizer runs the Ebook Sphere site. Everyday you’ll find a new review for e-books, software and resources especially for ebook writers, publishers and sellers at Affiliate Ebook Marketing.

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A Printing Technology Company “ZenPrint”

Posted by On October - 25 - 2009

ZenPrint understands the power of your brand. Our highly customizable online store fronts, called ZenFronts, are tailored around your brand and business objectives. Your branded Zenfront can easily integrate your brand’s attributes or reflect an existing website’s look and feel. Store owners can select from a number of proven designer storefront templates or implement a custom style sheet template for a small fee. Add your own logo, colors, graphics and advertisements through our easy to use admin console.

ZenPrint’s ZenFront provides you with a fully customizable online catalog for all of your marketing collateral, from business cards and brochures to merchandise and apparel. You set up your products or collateral through our simple admin and ZenPrint does the rest.

ZenPrint is perfect for Direct Selling organizations. Direct Selling organizations want their distributors to foster their brand in as many ways as possible while still maintaining control of their brand. Additionally, each distributor wants to look professional and feel a part of the larger organization. ZenPrint meets both the needs of corporate and the distributor by providing the web interface and the branded materials that best represent the corporate brand.

ZenPrint’s goal is the make the Vice President of Marketing look like a hero. Our fully skinnable websites, called ZenFronts, can be customized to match the corporate brand. Vice Presidents of Marketing have full control over the products that are sold, pricing, descriptions, images and site design through an easy to use Administrator Panel. There’s no need to wait on the IT department or business analysts to run your business – promotions, new product releases and reports are all immediately accessible through the Admin.

ZenPrint has what your distributors need. The ZenFront online shopping cart provides distributors a one-stop-shop experience to select and customize a wide variety of business building materials like business cards, address labels, car window decals, car magnets, apparel, sales tools, etc. Easy to use and customized to fit your business, ZenFront is perfect for building a successful Direct Selling organization.

ZenPrint is perfect for Event Managers. Each event for a specific client requires materials and displays that are targeted at the particular event attendees. Event Managers understand the pain of getting designers to make changes, hand off the final files to the printer, approve proofs and then pick up the materials once they are ready. ZenFront provides the perfect solution for housing print ready templates that can be customized for each event, proofed on line and shipped directly to the event.
ZenPrint’s ZenFront solution helps you, the Event Manager, simplify product creation, eliminates mistakes, provides quick turn arounds and delivers the final products directly to the event.

With eveything else you have to worry about, let ZenPrint do the heavy lifting when it comes to event display materials and handouts and fliers.
ZenFront is a highly customizable online storefront tailored around your brand and business objectives. As a store owner, you can customize your Shopping Cart to match your brand by adding your own logo, colors, graphics and advertisements. Additionally, ZenFront provides you with a fully customizable online catalog for all of your marketing collateral needs, from business cards and brochures to merchandise and apparel.

ZenPrint is ideal Franchising organizations. Franchisors recognize the ongoing need to get high-quality marketing materials in the hands of their franchisees. Yet, managing this process on a one-off basis is not effective or scalable. While, it’s no fun being the brand police, maintaining a consistent image and message in the marketplace is critical to your success.

We respect the challenges you face constantly juggling the demands of running your business while your franchisees constantly demand more of your time. We’re here to help shoulder some of that work load. ZenFront is a simplified way to offer your franchisees print and promotional products through a branded online store front. Our efficient print-on-demand system helps you eliminate the time and hassles involved in manually managing this process.

ZenFront was born directly from the marketing needs of franchisors. Our aim is to make your marketing department heros in the eyes of your franchisees. More than just an online solution, ZenPrint prints in-house the marketing collateral products your franchisees need to operate and grow their business. A branded ZenFront provides your franchisees a one-stop-shop experience to select and customize a wide variety of marketing materials like business cards, window clings, posters, banners, direct mail, menus, referral cards, etc. Easy to use and customized to fit your business, ZenFront is perfect for building a successful Franchise organization.

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It is an exciting thing looking for a new bed. You begin searching and then cannot wait to come home to get that perfect night’s sleep. You think that you will sleep all the night. Maybe this will be the case. Try a bed sofa mattress, this time I bet they will surprise you – in a good way!

I can’t forget my first night’s sleep on my post-college sofa bed. I spent a wonderful night of rest. When I had a futon in college, this is not equal . It was much more convenient than that mattress I obtained from my aunt when she got a new mattress for herself. The new sofa bed has great support and soundless There isn’t any sound or creaking.

At one point, I had a futon & memory foam sleeper sofa mattress in my home and a traditional mattress in my master bedroom. Usually , when I was working, doing my job and paperwork I would need to just have a break. When I was searching for a new one, I had no idea that futon mattress companies have actually done a big work to make better and increase that old futon. They are definitely not just for the college-bound crowd any more. Nowadays , you will find futon beds with the same features as more traditional mattresses. For example , futons now come with wrapped coiled springs, memory foam and even with toppers. All the comfort and less the price .

The big benefit futons have over the traditional mattress are concerning elasticity and price . If you collate how a futon can be used as a sofa or bed with the cost , a traditional mattress just cannot compare. Add in a good topper or elegant futon cover . Futons sell for less the thousands you could spend on some nicer quality traditional mattresses, even searching online. You might find that there are quite different cost .

Yet another benefit of a futon is that you can use any number of futon coverings to make various looks almost instantly to change the decor of your space . If you tried that with an ordinary mattress you would possibly have to visit your chiropractor.

You can select from various sorts of futon bed frames also. You could come with the more usual design with armrests. Not only does this help create that more calm space but also frees up some closet area . You can even get an environmentally friendly natural bed futon sofa.

With all the concern and changes in our environment and air characteristic , you might be interested in the toxicity point to your mattress material. A lot of futons are made with plain materials and can also be booked with natural fibers or as organic futons. Usual mattresses cost in the thousands. The thing is, they are really worth it! Think of all the stuff you (or your child) are breathing in every night as you lay there. Sometimes the odour is not that offensive so you may not even know it is there. Other times, the odour is very obvious and you know that you are inhaling those off gassing products. A futon mattress does not necessarily fully avoid this issue , but if you are assiduous in your search, you will find out why sleeping on a futon and sofa bed is making a comeback.

Earning Extra Dough Designing Cutting-Edge Websites

Posted by On October - 24 - 2009

Currently, lots of sales people are prospecting for methods on how they can be capable to obtain extra income from home based work. It isn’t uncommon for some cash strapped people act as fishing guides on the weekends or guiding tourists around Anchorage or up to Denali. Today, there are lots of Web design and development coaching schools your existing company could make you a student of which will aid you to becoming a Web development professional. Your enterprise can enter you utilizing online based enrollment programs and later on you would be able to strive to work as a Web designer and developer. At this moment, there are plenty of occupational openings in this job-related field, specifically in Anchorage, Alaska (AK). Also, in Juneau, Alaska, but not so much in Fairbanks, Alaska. Wasilla, Alaska may even be better. Regardless, one must seek a population base large enough to support your part-time activities.

Becoming a website designer and developer is not as difficult as you would initially suppose; the work consist of just finding a conglomeration of already compiled source programs such as scripts which you are able to incorporate to put together an interactive Web page design and development project. Putting together original Web pages for association Web pages are just a portion of a Web page designer and developer’s task, but complexity of code-writing is determined by the enterprise’s needs and aspirations of the final product. Fishing lodges, bed and breakfast companies and tour operators don’t typically have a large budget to get very fancy as far as complex forms or interactive programming.

Inventing state of the art websites is often a real chore, primarily if your corporation’s clients don’t know what they want, which is incredibly common in this line of work. One thing is certain. The longer one stays in the Web design business, the more he’ll understand that clients seldom know what they want.

At this moment, there are gobs of Web page design and development opportunities in Sitka, Alaska (AK). This is because there are gobs of of online markets and pioneers that are beating about for ways to make their Web pages agreeable to loads of people.

Successful Web portals are founded on the grade of work performance by the professional website designer and developer. The theme and programming languages and servers depend on his discretion. Because he appreciates what methods will work optimally for your firm’s Web page, he should be the one making the decisions on the vital tasks pertaining to your company’s Web page. For example, he may choose .NET technologies because more developers know how to maintain a .NET project.

Being a reputable Web designer and developer commands special talents and skills. A reputable Web developer should in addition understand which programming language and protocol will function and remain an appropriate solution with a definite association’s Web page objectives. If your company has decided to have your establishment’s websites designed to make them extraordinarily appealing, your company needs to appoint a precise budget for the task. Interactive and engaging Web presences are more likely to be visited and positioned high by a majority Web visitors despite of where they live.

Always ensure you focus on the clients’ business case. In a Web-based industry business, marketing processes need to be weighed and judged to make sure that your client’s company will get more revenue. There are loads of methods for your client’s company to heighten their Internet results. Any prospective client’s establishment should be capable to acquire help from a Web design and development wizard who is skilled in this field. A website design and development pro can help a corporation to perform the best schemes to perform better in the Internet game. A website design and development consulting business acts as an effective tool to help most enterprises function more effectively and maximize revenue.

Eagle River, Alaska (AK) businesses still grow. Because they continue to look for a Web design and development consulting company that offers them lasting and effective results. These firms have never given up a good Web consulting partner once they have found him. These establishments keep on investigating suggestions and aid from skilled Web page design and development consulting firms. Today, it is difficult to discover the most suitable Web design and development company that will offer your firm with everything your firm demands at a suitable price. This is why Web developers are in high demand.

Finally the successfulness of Web sites depends on the Web page design and development consulting firms and their Web developers; Wasilla, Alaska (AK) knows an incredible amount about this. They are supported a great deal from the advancement of IT solutions without minimizing anything they used to do in their business operations. A website designer and developer expert or firm designs and develops and provide maintenance for other corporation’s Web presences. There isn’t much more to that except Web developers can earn a bit of spare cash in their spare time. Go for it!


Learn More About Website Kings

Posted by On October - 24 - 2009

We are the 1st and ONLY Web Design Company of its kind to offer our New Customers, a FREE PROFESSIONAL FULLY FUNCTIONAL WEBSITE to suite your Personal Needs, Wether you want to kick start a new business idea or are not happy with the results of your current website performance.

The Concept of our company is similar to paying your mobile phone contract bill. Just choose your website package, then pay us a small monthly maintenance fee that is related to the package of your choice. This unique process Eliminates any High upfront fees for your self or your company before you even get a chance to make an income from your New website. We believe we have discovered easier and more convenient way to create and promote your new business or ideas. (Upfront fees are normally charged by every other web design company)

We strive to kick start and promote your online website within a minimum of 48 hrs so you can start earning money as soon as possible. We are the future of website design and we offer the most unique way of payment on the worldwide web to gain a professional website within the shortest time possible.

We offer Free Web Design, Free logo, Free hosting, Free Business Email Address, Free Artwork, Free Business Phone Number.

Welcome to Website Kings! By signing up with us, and being a Client, you agree to be legally bound by our Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you may not use our services. Website Kings have the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating this posting. You should visit this web page monthly to review our Terms and Condition updates.

1. Our website package contracts will run for a minimum of 12 months. Before any of our web designers begin building any website, a minimum of £50 deposit is required depending on which package you have chosen. You will be give the opportunity to renew or cancel your contract at the end of 12 months.

2. If you miss any monthly maintenace payment, your website will be taken offline, until you have made an up to date payment to clear your negative balance.

3. Any Logos that we create for you will remain your property for life.

4. Websites will go live within the specified time frame for each package, only once all the necessary artwork, content, logos, pictures, flash videos and sound have been sent by you and received by us.

5. Our turn around time is only an estimation, your new website could be ready before or after the estimated time.

6. All payments will be made payable to our sister company, Cigtronic Ltd. This means your invoice and receipt may be
from Cigtronic Ltd on behalf of Website Kings.

7. Our Advertising options are just an estimate, the new visitors that you receive on your website could be more or less than the estimated amount.

8. Our bespoke flash videos that we compose for you, will be 100% Royalty Free.

9. Monthly Payments will be arranged to be taken on a date to suit you at the beginning of the contract.

10. You can make monthly payments via paypal, most major credit,debit card or by standing order.

For more information please visit
Phone 08712341548

Free Web Design

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